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Will Electronic Cigarettes Always Be A SubSector Of The Tobacco Industry?

When you consider that the electronic cigarette industry in the US alone is expected to turnover in excess of $2 billion during 2015, you could easily argue it is becoming one of the largest business sectors in the US. Even though this sales figure is dwarfed by the tobacco industry, not only in the US [...]

Smear Campaign over eCigarettes and vaping
eCig Smear Campaign Blown Out Of The Water

When Facts Don't Support You, Use A Smear Campaign... Whether you are looking towards the UK, US or any other part of the world, many politicians have argued that electronic cigarettes are nothing but a gateway to their tobacco counterparts. This is an argument which has infuriated the electronic cigarette industry, vaping community and indeed many [...]

Will Large Independent Electronic Cigarette Companies Disappear?

Mark Benson Wonders.... If you look at the headlines regarding tobacco companies you could be mistaken for assuming that they are struggling financially with their market under pressure, smoking bans across the globe and the introduction of a new competitor in the shape of electronic cigarettes. Indeed many tobacco cigarette companies have also arranged compensation deals [...]

Philip Morris
Philip Morris – Pay As You Go Electronic Cigarettes? Really?

Philip Morris Gets Greedier...And Crazier While a decade ago there were just a handful of patents connected to electronic cigarettes and the vaping industry, there are now in excess of 600. While the vast majority of these patents originate from China, US tobacco giant Philip Morris is seemingly looking towards a "pay-as-you-go" type of electronic cigarettes [...]

The eLeaf GS Air – Prerelease Review

eLeaf is upgrading the GS 16 - Here's a first look There are more atomizers on the market today than you can shake a stick at. From the horrible to the sublime, new atomizers seem to be appearing out of thin air... Is there room for still more models? Certainly. Each new glassomizer we see are [...]

Electronic Cigarette Regulations In 2015?

Will we finally see electronic cigarette regulations in place during 2015? While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has huffed and puffed regarding electronic cigarettes, we still await the final draft for future regulations. What was initially a two-year review of the industry is now more of a three-year review and while progress has been made, [...]

Blu Cigs Plus Smokenjoey
Blu Cigs PLUS Kit – Smokenjoey Review

The New Blu Cigs PLUS - A Major Improvement This is a complete review of the all new Blu eCigs PLUS Tank system. It looks like a plain old cig-a-like however it only looks like one. Does this new evolution in the cartomizer/tank shine in performance? Find out now with this complete review and vapor test [...]

eLeaf iStick Bending Adapter

eLeaf iStick Bending Adapter Pre-Release First Look! The eLeaf iStick is a super popular device, and for good reason. People love the small size, long battery life, and the 20 watts of power it packs. All at a low price of between $30-$40! eLeaf is launching a line of accessories for the iStick, and the eLeaf [...]

Facebook Spinfuel 5000 Likes Giveaway!

FILE UNDER: Facebook Spinfuel 5000 Likes THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED - STAY TUNED FOR MORE GIVEAWAYS! _____________________________________________ We're celebrating today! We finally made to 5000 Likes on Facebook! Giveaway Winners Are: Toni Karas - Arachnid and Exthermal Jen Gagne - EMUS William Basley - BEC Pro Robin Haar - Pulse Vaporfi Isabella V - Selenius Please contact me, Dave acknowledge your winning. Congrats [...]

2015 – The Year Smokers Switch?

The Year of the Big Switch For Smokers? As we approach the end of 2014 many people will be looking towards 2015 and their New Year's resolutions. While the number of tobacco smokers around the world continues to fall, with many switching to electronic cigarette, do you have any plans for 2015? Could 2015 be the [...]

Innokin SVD Smokenjoey
Innokin SVD 2 Review by Smokenjoey

Innokin iTaste SVD 2 Review Hi Folks- This is a complete review of the Brand New Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 with the Evolv Microchip- Join me in unboxing, features, how-to, Vape Test and final thoughts. The iTaste SVD 2.0 is a device that is much more powerful,  and much more beautiful than the original SVD. With it's [...]

Vaping With Julia – New Stuff Column!

Vaping With Julia October 28, 2014 This has been the first time in many weeks that I, Julia Barnes,  have been able to sit down long enough to write a new column. Things have never been busier in my life. Keira and I recently took on several new clients for our stock photo business, and as [...]

Kanger EMOW Review – Vapor Trail Channel

Tony Brittan and the EMOW Review The Kanger EMOW Mega Starter Kit is a very nice kit for both new and even experienced vapers! It has an Aerotank style dual bottom coil tank, with airflow control, a 1600mah variable voltage battery, and comes with everything you'll need to get started. Even a 5 pack of coils! [...]

Smokenjoey and the IPV3 Review

A First Look Review and Demo of the Pioneer4You IPV3 Hey folks, Smokenjoey here with a first look review of the brand new, as yet unreleased IPV3, a 150w monster box mod for the seriously advanced vapor. There is so much to say about this high wattage mod, and so much to demo, the video wound [...]

Provincial Authorities Turn Up Heat

...On National Regulators While European, US and Canadian regulators continue to tread water with regards to their future plans for the electronic cigarette industry, it seems that provincial authorities have different plans. In what is becoming a more common pattern as time goes on, the provincial authorities of British Columbia in Canada have turned up the [...]

Is R.J. Reynolds running scared?…

... of the vaping community? It is quite bizarre to see R.J. Reynolds, a major player in the tobacco cigarette and electronic cigarette industry, calling for a ban on so-called open system vaporising units. To the general public electronic cigarettes and vaporising units are seen as one and the same so why would one of the [...]