iStick Rim-C Mod by Eleaf – Review

The Eleaf iStick Rim-C Review - A long while back, I reviewed a few rock solid pen/box mod hybrids that did a pretty good job standing out. None of them were standout award-winners, but we didn’t toss them aside, either. Fast-forward a year and along comes Eleaf with something awfully similar… but maybe a little [...]

Eleaf iStick Pico X 75W Kit Review

Death. Taxes. Pico. There are no three things more consistent in life. And since we’re not about to discuss death and taxes on this site, might as well dive into the latest in Eleaf’s never-say-die Pico series – the Eleaf iStick Pico X kit.For those not wanting to endure 1,000+ words, let me save you [...]

Eleaf iJust ECM Stick Mod Kit Review
Eleaf iJust ECM Stick Mod Kit Review

Most vape mod review sessions end with me answering questions, but it’s rare to come away from one with any. Yet, that’s exactly what happened with the iJust ECM – a mod kit that made me ask “Why?” on more than one occasion. The iJust ECM is a direct descendent of last year’s iJust 3 pen-style [...]

Eleaf iStick Amnis MTL Kit Review by Spinfuel VAPE
Eleaf iStick Amnis MTL Kit Review

My very first advanced (40+ watt) vape mod was an Eleaf iStick 50W (reviewed here). And it still sits on my shelf, reminding me of simpler days. Since that classic device was released, Eleaf has released a veritable boatload of other mods sporting the iStick name. Some have been great. Some have been mediocre. And [...]

Eleaf LEXICON 235W & ELLO DURO Starter Kit Review

The first thing I noticed about the Eleaf Lexicon Mod was its capability to output a maximum wattage of 235W with just two 18650 cells. That alone is quite an accomplishment for Eleaf, and it says a lot about the chipset being used in the Lexicon. After that, me and the Eleaf Lexicon got off [...]

Eleaf iStick Pico S and ELLO Tank Kit Review
Eleaf iStick Pico S and ELLO Tank Kit Review

I could swear I just wrote a Pico review… oh wait, I did! And in it, I said that Eleaf should strongly consider bringing an end to the Pico line. Not because they’re bad, but because Eleaf just created its two finest renditions of the series yet – the diminutive Pico Resin (reviewed here), and [...]

Eleaf iStick Pico RESIN 75W TC Starter Kit
Eleaf iStick Pico RESIN 75W TC Starter Kit Review

To cop a phrase from my dad, I feel like Eleaf has more Pico’s than Heinz has varieties. For those of you under 35, that’s a reference to the “57” on the side of the Heinz Ketchup bottle. For those of you who’ve followed Eleaf’s output, you know there are about that many Pico’s on [...]

Eleaf iJust 3 Vape Pen Kit – Full Review

The last few months has seen a huge resurgence in the vape pen market, each one more and more focused on offering a simplified, no-fuss experience – but also on providing a powerful vape. And for the most part, they’ve been good. However, the Eleaf iJust 3 kit might just be the best one yet. This [...]

Eleaf Tessera 150W TC Pocket-Friendly Box Mod Kit by Spinfuel VAPE
Eleaf Tessera 150W TC Pocket-Friendly Box Mod Kit

One hundred and fifty watts. It doesn’t seem like THAT long ago that this was a figure achieved only by vaping experts, using homebrew equipment or elite-level mods. And these devices were suitably huge and unwieldy. Fast forward to 2018, and I’m writing a review of a legitimate 150-watt mod with the same dimensions as [...]

Eleaf Tessera 150W TC Pocket-Friendly Box Mod Kit
Eleaf Tessera 150W TC Pocket-Friendly Kit Preview

It seems like only yesterday, I got my hands on my first 150-watt Mod. I won’t mention names, but it was large, boxy (almost cuboidin design) and extremely flawed. But at the time, I was floored to see 150-watt capability out of what seemed “compact” at the time. Fast forward to today, and I’m seeing [...]

Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 Mod Kit Preview
Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 Mod Kit Preview

It’s only fitting that this Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 mod kit preview is coming out at the beginning of the MLB season, because I have enough Pico devices in my collection to cover a baseball team. Just when you think Eleaf is done going to this well, along comes another similarly styled compact device. But [...]

Best All Around Vape Tanks of 2018 - Part 1 - The Introduction - Spinfuel VAPE
Best All Around Vape Tanks of 2018 – Part 1

Now that most of you have looked through our recent Best Sub-Ohm Tanks for Cloud Chasers,  it’s time to look at ALL Vape Tanks and provide our list of Best All-Around Vape Tanks, for those Vapers that believe there is more to a “tank” than just clouds of vapor.  (Think, the TFV12 Prince from SMOK, the Valyrian [...]

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks for Cloud Chasing in 2018 - Spinfuel VAPE
Best Sub-Ohm Tanks for Cloud Chasing in 2018

The Best Sub-Ohm Tanks?  You would think that with all the progress that has been made in the segment of vape gear manufacturing that centers on Sub-Ohm tanks that all modern tanks would perform nearly identical to each other. As we’ve discovered, that is hardly the case. While a “sub-ohm” tank is any tank that uses a prebuilt coil [...]

Eleaf Basal MTL Box Mod Starter Kit Review

Please allow me to start this review with a warning. If you’re looking to get into vaping, but want to do all those cool cloud tricks you see on YouTube, the Eleaf Basal MTL Mod Starter Kit isn’t for you. Please hit the back button and check out a device like the Freemax Firelord Kit, [...]

Eleaf iStick Kiya Box Mod Kit Review

I was intrigued by the Eleaf iStick Kiya kit. You see, my very first advanced vaping device was an Eleaf iStick 50W. At the time, I had toyed around with 11-watt Vamos and 13-watt iTaste mods, but the idea of 50 watts of power in a compact box was beyond exciting at the time.   My, how [...]