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Anti-Vaping Spreading Fear

Anti-Vaping and Anti-Vaccinators: Spreading Fear at the Cost of Public Health While using electronic cigarettes isn’t the same as being vaccinated against a serious disease, there are some comparisons that can be made between anti-vapers and anti-vaxxers. For both vaping and vaccines, there has been a widespread misinformation campaign against the American public. Although long ago [...]

E-Voke Kits Will Be Available To Smokers In UK

E-cigarettes will be made available to smokers looking to quit in England Doctors will be able to hand out e-cigarette prescriptions from 2016 — reports the Electric Tobacconist’s Pascal Culverhouse England’s national health service, the NHS, will be giving e-cigarettes to smokers who want to quit for just the price of a prescription. This decision by the [...]