The Black Note e-Liquid Interview

BLACK NOTE E-LIQUID INTERVIEW SPINFUEL: Welcome to the pages of Spinfuel. We’ve been looking forward to talking to you. Would you like to introduce yourselves to our readers? ETHAN: I’m Ethan Parsa. SPINFUEL: What position(s) do you hold in the company? ETHAN: I am the Marketing Director for Black Note. SPINFUEL: Getting down to business; who or what inspired you [...]

A V8P Juice Encore Review by Spinfuel’s Team

V8P Juice has released four delicious new cereal blends that are sure to please a wide number of palates worldwide. As you may recall, a team of Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Chemists & Engineers started V8P Juice, and they are based in Delray Beach, Florida. V8P Juice is mixed with 100% certified USDA organic VG [...]

The Ripe Vapes Interview

Julia Interviews Ripe Vapes Before you read this fascinating review I'd like to suggest you take a good look at the review our team published today for Ripe Vapes. This terrific company might only have four flavors, but they are incredible eLiquids, each and every one. Of course, taste being subjective and all, it's important that [...]

Interview With Lucky Ruckus e Liquid

Whenever we invite an e Liquid brand to be reviewed we will always include an interview so that you, our readers, can get to know a little more about the people behind the e Juice. Cameron Skaggs, contributor to Spinfuel and an avid vaper, recently reviewed several e liquids from Lucky Ruckus, as well conduct [...]

Three New E Liquids From Strix Elixirs

Strix Elixirs New Flavors Review February 2014 As promised, Strix Elixirs is out with three (3) additional flavors this month... Monkey Strip, Butter Shot, and Vanilla Bogart. Each one is distinctively different, and each carries with them the unique skill we’ve already come to expect from the team that brought us eLiquid like Blue Honey. There [...]

Six Questions For Mister E-Liquid

SPINFUEL: So far 2013 has been a very active year for e-cigarettes. Which e-Cigarette device do you think has had made the biggest impact on Vapers in the first half of 2013? Mister E-Liquid: It’s been around for a while, but I would have to say the eGo battery in conjunction with an evod. This [...]

SmokenJoey’s Ozone Smoke Video Review

Ozone Smoke Review Hey Folks, SmokenJoey here. Tonight I have a comprehensive review of the Ozone Smoke Starter Kit. Priced at $69.99 the Ozone Smoke gets a thumbs up. Passes the SmokenJoey battery test, outputs quite a bit of vapor, and the extra long cartomizers last quite a while. Nicotine levels were a bit of a [...]

Alice In Vapeland – The Interview

SPINFUEL:  When and why did your company decide to get into the e-juice business? AiV: We had the idea to start our shop in late January 2012 and didn’t launch the website until June. It took a long time for us to become comfortable with our product. To be honest, we loved our juices and so [...]

The Virgin Vapor Review – Organic eJuice!

A Virgin Vapor Review Just how “Organic” is Annette Rogers and her sister Helen’s, Virgin Vapor eJuice? I’m glad you asked. Virgin Vapor eJuice (or eLiquid) is 100% USA-made eJuice.  Not a single ingredient comes from China. Even the nicotine used in the VV (Virgin Vapor) eLiquids is extracted in the United States. Each and every blend of [...]

Virgin Vapors: Interview with Annette Rogers

Virgin Vapors Interview To accompany our review of Virgin Vapor eLiquids we invited Annette Rogers to tell us about her company, her dedication and passion, and where the future leads... SPINFUEL: Tell our readers why you decided to get into the e-juice business. Virgin Vapor: Electronic cigarettes changed my life so I loved sharing this wonderful discovery with my [...]

Gingers e-Juice – American Made Gourmet Goodness

This review is the compilation of input, notes, and verbal discussions from the entire staff of Spinfuel eCigs Magazine for Gingers eJuice. Lead Writer: Julia Barnes, with, Chelsey Laney, Lisa Johnston, Tom McBride, Jon Locke, and John Manzione.  Introduction The owner of Gingers e-Juice, Inc., Christin Ginger Murvin, was inspired to offer her DIY e-juice to the public [...]

Begin the July is e-Juice Celebration!

Celebrate e-Liquid Artistry Why in the world would you vape anything coming from China? Why take that risk? Especially when companies in the America are making superior, gourmet e-juice that puts any juice coming from overseas to shame? The simple answer is; you don’t. You just don’t. So, to kick off our month-long celebration of American Made [...]

FuZion Vapor Review – Gourmet E-Juice At Great Prices

Fuzion Vapor Review When it comes to smoke juice I stick with American made juice. Juice made in China just worry me. I knew some people that lost their pets in the great pet food poisoning debacle a few years back. We’ve all heard about the lead in children’s paint a couple years ago. Let’s face [...]