Enjoying Benefits from Your Dry Herb Vaporizer
Enjoying Benefits from Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Have you recently started using dry herb vaporizer as your way of consuming marijuana?  But not getting everything you had hoped from it? Do you think there is something you could be doing differently but have no idea what that is? Enjoying the Cannabis Vape Dry herb vaporisers are a great way to enjoy all the benefits [...]

Ceravape Cerabis 44 and Cerabis 45 Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Ceravape Cerabis 44 Cerabis 45 Tank Review

Ceravape Cerabis 44 and 45 Tank Review Ceravape is back with two new ceramic coil tanks that deliver fantastic flavor and more clouds of vapor you would expect to see from a rather small coil and a non-wide bore drip tip. In other words, the performance of these two beauties, the Cerabis 44 and Cerabis 45, [...]

Aspire Cleito 120 Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Aspire Cleito 120 Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Aspire Cleito 120 According to the overzealous description on the back of the package, the Aspire Cleito 120 Maxi-Watt (Maximum-Wattage) Tank is so ground-breaking it deserves its own class. Well technically it’s still a Sub-Ohm Tank, but Maxi-Watt Tank sounds more creative and unique! The Aspire Cleito was and still is a well-respected and widely used Sub-Ohm [...]

Up in Vape Review Time!

MigVapor and Exxus Dry Herb/Wax Vaping Devices An Up in Vape Review! Greetings my friends!  I pray I still have some readers left after my uh...unannounced unwanted vacation. I have been playing hell here for the past 2-3 weeks with no relief in sight.  We had out grandkids visit for 5 days, I wound up sick as a dog, [...]