The 24mm Gold-Plated Wake Tank Sub-Ohm Preview – Spinfuel VAPE
24MM Gold-Plated Wake Tank Sub-Ohm Preview

We just received the gold-plated Wake Tank for review, and you can color us intrigued. On the surface, this gold-enhanced beauty appears to be nothing more than “another” sub-ohm tank designed to balance flavor and vapor production. But the real intrigue comes from its manufacturer – Wake was the original parent of Dotmod, which has [...]

Dotmod dotRDA 24mm RDA Review- Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Dotmod dotRDA 24MM RDA Review

Like so many vape devices today, we’ve reached a bit of a saturation point when it comes to innovation. So, when something new comes across our desks, we fight for the opportunity to test them. Enter the Dotmod dotRDA.   With the dotRDA, Dotmod is turning to the time-honored adage of “addition by subtraction,” creating what might [...]

DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank Review

DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank Despite the drama DotMod has been going through, the company is stronger than ever, and the DotMod Petri is proof. A former employee left to work for the competition while recruiting (aka pilfering ) other colleagues on his way out. After some serious resolution, DotMod states they are growing, promoting new products, like [...]