Lost Vape Mirage 100W DNA75C TC Box Mod Review - Spinfuel VAPE
Lost Vape Mirage DNA75C 100W Box Mod Review

Note* We intended to offer our readers a Preview of the Lost Vape Mirage as soon as they arrived here at HQ. However, while the staff was busy with other reviews and previews, I quietly grabbed MY Lost Vape Mirage and began using it immediately. I liked it so much that I never bothered to [...]

Think Vape Finder DNA75C TC Box Mod Preview

A PREVIEW of the Think Vape Finder DNA75C - Just a few months ago, I voiced a concern about DNA mod interfaces being a little old and antiquated. But I had also not experienced the updated color DNA display, so when the Think Vape Finder DNA75c mod was delivered to my desk overnight (Thanks Dave!), I [...]


We have been absolutely SPOILED with new DNA devices lately. And I don’t just mean the Spinfuel VAPE crew. The entire vaping world has been blessed with some seriously advanced hardware of late, and with the holidays fast approaching, we can only imagine many of our wish lists will include this gem – the Lost [...]

HCigar VT75D DNA75 Color TC Box Mod Preview – Spinfuel Vape
HCigar VT75D DNA75 Color TC Box Mod Preview

We have to say, this DNA75 Color chipset is awesome. Yeah, maybe that’s an odd way to lead off a product preview, but after getting our hands on the Hcigar VT75D mod, we’re really excited to put this device through our testing.   Though the names are similar, the VT75D represents a major stylistic overhaul from the [...]

HCigar VT Inbox DNA75 Squonk Box Review SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE
HCigar VT Inbox DNA75 TC Squonk Mod Review

The following is our in-depth review for the HCigar VT Inbox DNA75 Squonk Box. Available at Element Vape for just $89.95. The Review Can I go on the record and say that I can’t stand the term “squonker?” In an industry that continues a daily fight for legitimacy and public acceptance, how is a term like “squonker” [...]

REVIEW: Lost Vape Paranormal DNA75C Box Mod - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
REVIEW: Lost Vape Paranormal DNA75C Box Mod

The first I heard about the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA75C my immediate thoughts were all about; why Lost Vape would produce a second DNA75C mod only weeks after introducing the Lost Vape Therion DNA75C. I still haven’t figured out why, but after receiving mine from Element Vape, I was blown away by how gorgeous it [...]

EVOLV DNA 75C Brings Color and More to New and Upcoming Mods - Spinfuel VAPE
EVOLV DNA 75 Color What to Expect

Before we get started, this should piece today should not be viewed as our review of the new Lost Vape Therion DNA75c. While the new Evolv DNA 75c is at the heart of the new Therion, we’ll have more to add than the board, screen, and 3rd button. Today’s piece is to go over this [...]