Disposable Vape Blinking? Here’s How to Fix It
Fixing Your Disposable Vape Blinking The Right Way

One of the greatest things about the modern disposable vape is the fact that they can often last many hundreds of puffs before their batteries die. Between the long-lasting batteries and the high-nicotine e-liquids used in modern vapes, they’re perfectly workable as full-time replacements for cigarettes. In some cases, it’s even possible to find a all-in-one vape [...]

Quitting JUUL or Puff Bars:
Quitting JUUL or Puff Bars: How Your Local Vape Shop Can Help

The rise of JUUL, Puff Bar and other small, high-nicotine vaping devices has been both a blessing and a curse for consumers and for the vaping industry. Leaving aside the obvious controversy surrounding those brands, the fact is that the modern nicotine salt vaping products do offer a vaping experience replicating the sensation of smoking more [...]

The Price of Disposable Vapes on The Market cover shot
The Price of Disposable Vapes on The Market

We all know that vaping is a healthier alternative to combustible cigarettes. Containing 99% less harmful chemicals than traditional tobacco, many users have made the switch to vaping to improve their overall health. Not everyone needs a thousand-dollar vaping setup and unlike hobbyists, some just require an easy, no mess alternative to cigarettes. Disposable vapes [...]

The End of Disposable E-Cigarettes? Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
The End of Disposable E-Cigarettes?

The End of Disposable E-Cigarettes? As many of us will remember very well, some of the first — and most influential — e-cigarettes to hit the market were the traditional cigarette-esque e-cigarettes, which came charged and completely ready to use. Quite literally, you just took off the wrapping and away you went! But a lot has [...]

Smokenjoey Disposable eCigs Review
Smokenjoey And 777 eCigs Disposables

777 eCigs Disposable Cig-A-Likes Review Hey Folks, Smokenjoey here...The $7.95 disposable from 777 eCigs is taken for a test ride. What did I think? Well, find out by watching the video! Classic Tobacco Flavor (12mg nicotine) 500 Puff equivalent to 1-1/2 - 2 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. One piece design. Soft tip. Soft Light weight feel. Sleek black color to prevent [...]