eVoke Smoke – A Review

Does American eLiquid Make A Difference? Jason Little The minute I took my first drag from the Raspberry Truffle eCigarillo I thought that at last I found the perfect disposable ecigarette. The vapor was crazy good (for a disposable), the taste of the raspberry truffle was sumptuous and plentiful, and it provided a light, but appreciable throat [...]


The Aviator Club Review (Disposable ECigarettes Subscription) As a rule we are very careful these days when it comes to reviewing cig-a-like brands and/or disposable cig-a-likes. The reason is most of them are just plain junk. But sometimes we discover a cig-a-like or disposable brand that is worth the work we put into our reviews. The [...]

Smokenjoey – Smokeless Image Disposable

The Smokeless Image Disposable Cig-A-Like The Smokeless Image Disposable Volt - A one time use ecigarette. Hey folks, Smokenjoey here. While in Springfield MA for the VCCNE we were able to work in a few reviews among all the interviews and other activities. One of the reviews is right here, the Smokeless Iamge Disposable Volt. Just [...]

Blackcat eCig Review

Blackcat Premium Vaporizer • Disposable eCigarette • Disposable eCigar INTRO Several times a week vendors inquiring about getting their product(s) reviewed by Spinfuel contact us. We always look into each inquiry just in case we find a company that we should tell our readers about, and if we discover the company is offering what looks to be [...]