Vaping as a Hobby and Lifestyle
Vaping – Hobby and Lifestyle? Here’s How to Tell

Over the last decade, vaping has grown popular and is not stopping any time soon. A huge number of individuals find vaping so fascinating as a hobby and lifestyle as well. Some confuse the hobby with a lifestyle as vaping satisfies both. It has turned out to be a recreational activity that no one is [...]

Vaping and Diabetes: Why flavored vape products need to be allowed
Vaping and Diabetes: Flavored eJuice Plays Vital Role

Vaping and diabetes- My journey so far - For all the writing our team does on here, we very rarely inject our personal lives into our writing. Sure, you know which writers like certain things, but doing vape journalism can be a little faceless. Today, I’m going to change things up a bit by getting [...]