Azure Vaping Closes Doors - FDA Causes business to shutter
Robert Jack Closes Azure Vaping

Robert Jack's Azure Vaping to Close Despite all the science that proves that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, despite all the attempts to make the FDA see reason, despite all the tons of ink and electrons spent to write about the safety of vaping and the need for ‘light-touch’ regulations, despite all the efforts of [...]

The PMTA Process - Wendy Bivona Spinfuel eMagazine
PMTA required for ENDS – The Process

This PMTA business is long... and to be honest, bureaucratic nonsense. PMTA Explained The PMTA (Premarket Tobacco Application), is now required for all ENDS and e-juices not on the market before February 2007.  Keep in mind there was no e-juice, tanks, or batteries over 180mAh before 2007. Substantial Equivalence A substantially equivalent tobacco product has been found by FDA [...]

Vape retailers vape shops what they need to know - fad regs 8/816
What Vape Retailers Need To Know – Summary

What Vape Shop Retailers Need To Know…? Summary I hope by now many vape retailers and vapers are totally confused with all the information I have put out to you. I am not a writer by nature, and I hope this summary will not bore you to tears. It does contain vital information vape retailers have to [...]

Vape Retailers need to know
What Vape Retailers Need To Know – Part 3

What Vape Retailers Need to Know - Part 3 I am putting out this information about the vape industry and the realities of life under the Deeming Regs in small articles so our readers have the time to read and digest the information. I only have 1, maybe 2, more articles of the easy stuff.  The rest gets [...]

What Vape Retailers need to know
What Vape Retailers Need to Know Part 2

What Vape Retailers Need to Know Part 2 First, I would like to update my readers and especially the vape retailers about the Liquid Nicotine Packaging Surveillance Guide I mentioned in the previous article, where I stated that bottles containing nicotine manufactured prior to July 26, 2016, would be okay to sell with proof, but that is [...]

FDA Regs and Wendy Bivona
Wendy Bivona On Life After FDA Regs

Beginning today, Wendy Bivona, the owner of one of the first Vape Shops in the USA, comes to Spinfuel to keep us, and you, up to date on everything that is happening behind the scenes as the August 8th 2016 dates comes closer. Wendy's columns will focus on what Vape Shop owners need to know in [...]