One Year On YouTube – Spinfuel’s Daily Vape TV

Daily Vape TV- One Year on YouTube Celebration! I had a great time hanging out with you guys, talking shop and letting you know all the fun stuff I've been to. Huge shoutout to everyone who watched live and contributed their questions and I'm looking forward to the next LiveStream! Should the US FDA and the lawmakers [...]

Cloupor Mini 30w Review

Cloupor Mini 30w Box Mod Review Do you have a sub ohm tank and want a 30w mod for cheap? Make sure you check out the Cloupor Mini 30w, the perfect companion to the latest tanks on the market. I'll be heading to VCC Tampa as part of the Spinfuel crew, and I'll teach some classes on [...]

#FreshBuildFriday Returns! Coil Jig Review

Revolver Coil Jig Review Part review, part build video. Today I will be demonstrating how to use the Revolver coil jig from coil If you're new to rebuilding I strongly suggest you pick up one of these bad boys to help you on your way to building some sweet coils. With 3 different coil sizes [...]

Kind Juice Sub Element Juice Review

Spinfuel's Daily Vape TV Reviews Kind Juice Element What happens when a Vaper that just doesn't vape organic juice comes up against a premiere organic juice maker?  In this video Nick Bessette, host of Spinfuel's Daily Vape TV takes a look at Kind Juice's Sub Element 100% organic, natural, PG free eliquid line. This company definitely had [...]

Voltage Vape Grand Opening Gala

DailyVapeTV Goes To The Gala! They only moved around the corner from their original location but man, what a difference! Huge selection of high end hardware, thousands of bottles of eliquid and a roomy lounge area. If you're ever in Western, MA, make sure you check them out! Also a great turnout featuring some honored guests [...]

Eliquid Subscription Service Craft Vapery Video Review

Craft Vapery Eliquid Subscription Service Welcome to another installment of (subscribe link) Daily Vape TV by Spinfuel VAPE. Today we'll be taking a look at an ejuice subscription service that goes by the name of Craft Vapery. This is an eliquid subscription service done right. Each monthly vape juice box is hand curated vape juice based on your personal flavor [...]

Savage High VG eLiquid Review

Nick Bessette Vapes Savage High VG eLiquid Review Feeling like a Savage gent? Why not vape like one! Savage High VG eLiquid -  These flavors are for a refined palette. I found a few new favorites and a few I didn't quite enjoy but either way, these eliquids are definitely premium and produce beautiful dense clouds [...]

FreshBuildFriday – Zipper Coil Build

Nick Build A Zipper Coil for FreshBuildFriday So I finally made a new build video and this time were getting TWISTED! The zipper coil is the brainchild of none other than Twisted Messes aka Kent Hill. His video inspired me to try it out for myself and it didn't come out half bad if I do [...]

Gwar Fluids Full Line Review

Nick Review Some Mt. Baker Vapor! GWARRRRR!!!! Ok, now that that's out of my system let me just say how awesome it is that Mt. Baker Vapor collaborated with a kick ass band like Gwar to come up with their own line of eliquids. These flavors are the love child from an interstellar metal band and [...]

Mutation X V2 RDA Video Review DailyVapeTV

DailyVapeTV Reviews the Mutation X v2 The food coma from Thanksgiving is finally gone and I'm here to tell you all about the Mutation X V2 RDA by Indulgence. A beautifully machined atomizer with airflow to spare, an all new air flow control system and a new positive connection block is what you get for a [...]

New England Vapers Society Christmas Party

DailyVapeTV at the Christmas Party of the New England Vapers Society Ahh Christmas time in New England, is there a better to stay warm with your friends and fellow vapers than meeting at the local pub? NEV kicked off the season right with a great vape meet with raffles, a cloud competition, local vendor giveaways and [...]

New England Cloud Chasers Cloud Comp at Voltage Vape

DailyVapeTV At The VoltageVape Cloud Chasers Competition! Big thanks to Voltage Vape and Cold Fusion Juice for hosting this event. For everyone that came out, I'm sure you had as much fun as I did, definitely looking forward to next time. Congrats to the big winner Jason! Check out Voltage's Facebook page for more info on [...]

Pioneer4You IPv3 Full Review

Nick Bessette Reviews The Pioneer4You IPv3 Full Review Here it is, the much anticipated Pioneer4You IPv3 Full Review! This beauty of a box came to me directly from the manufacturer, Pioneer4You, makers of the extremely popular IPV2. Fairly unassuming from the outside, the power comes from two 18650 batteries and a SX330 150w chip. Use caution [...]

DailyVapeTV Does High Voltage eJuice Review

High Voltage Full Line Review This infused eliquid delivers on the vapor department and brings some intense flavor pairings directly to your palette. High Voltage gets my thumbs up on the flavor department. For more info about High Voltage, check out their website: Fight for Your Right to Vape! Vape on!

FreshBuildFriday! Clapton Build

Nick builds A Clapton / 24g Parallel Build This single coil clapton not only delivers on flavor but backs it up with great vapor production as well. A mellow .3 ohm coil with a nice warm vapor is what you get when you twist up some Clapton wire with a strand of 24g. I hope all [...]