Vape Coils for Vape Lovers
A Guide to Vape Coils for Vape Lovers

Do you like to vape? If you are a vaper, you know the terms like vape coil, tanks, e-liquids, atomizer, etc. All of them are crucial parts of a vape pen or an e-cig. Today we are going to talk about vape coils. Vape coils are like the heart of a vape pen. The vape [...]

5 Simple Tips for Making Your Vape Coils Last Longer
5 Simple Tips for Making Your Vape Coils Last Longer

One thing is certain about the trends in vaping these days. The price of vape juice has gotten better than ever on a dollars-per-milliliter basis but vape coils have only become more complex and more expensive with time. Even if you’re getting a great deal from a seller like blackoutvapors.com, you’re definitely spending at least [...]

Mace 55 by OneVape – A Pod Mod AIO Kit Review

It’s weird to write this, but we might have reached a point where “throwback” pod mod/AIO devices are hitting the market. While there’s nothing “JUUL-like” about the all-new OneVape Mace 55 kit, OneVape opted for a simpler AIO approach than many competitors are taking these days. Instead of wattage displays and even temp control options, [...]


Let's take a long hard look at the Lost Vape Orion Q-Pro Pod Mod System - After several rounds of Lost Vape Orion/Quest pod systems over the last year, I was hesitant to do it again. It remains one of our favorite pod mod/AIO systems, even after (seemingly) thousands of them crossed our desks this [...]

Aspire K Lite Mod Kit Review
The Aspire K-Lite AIO Vape Mod Kit Review

Let me begin with a short sidebar about when I made the switch to vaping. Years ago, the first tank I purchased was the ASPIRE ATLANTIS. (5 years ago we reviewed the Atlantis!) An old-school, bottom fill, “tank” of a tank helped me kick the analogues and enjoy this delicious new world of vapor and [...]

Lost Vape Lyra Pod Mod - AIO System Review
Lost Vape Lyra Pod Mod – AIO System Review

Intro and Specs for the Lost Vape Lyra Pod System. If you ran a car company, and already designed the best, most well-respected SUV around, would you design five others to compete with it? Probably not. So when Lost Vape – makers of the well-received Orion AIO series – launched another pod mod with a similar [...]

Coil Wire Options for Vapers Choice
Vape Coil Wires – More Than Kanthal Out There

At a certain point in most vapers’ lives, building coils becomes a more attractive option than continuing to use pre-built coils. For those currently enjoying the convenience of pre-made options, this might seem like a ton of work, but there are some good reasons to make the switch.   For one thing, building your own coils is [...]


The VSTICKING VMESH comes from Dongguan VSTICKING Technology Co., Ltd. This Sub-Ohm Tank, and their VK520 Mod are the first two products to come to market. The company works closely with YiHi, as evidenced by the VK520 being powered by the YiHi SX530 chipset. Still, the VK520 box mod is a whole lot less expensive [...]

VandyVape Triple II RTA Review by Spinfuel VAPE
The Flavor-Rich VandyVape Triple II RTA Review

When it comes to vaping, how much is too much? Well, if you’re a single-coil vaper who’s convinced that anything more than that is overkill, you might want to skip this review. But, if you’re looking for an over-the-top example of why “more” is sometimes “better,” then read on – because the VandyVape Triple II [...]

Joyetech RiftCore Duo RTA Review Spinfuel Vape
Joyetech Riftcore DUO RTA Review

I have to admit, all these years later, I’m still not convinced ceramic is the future of vape coil technology. But the all-new Joyetech Riftcore DUO RTA does an interesting job making a case to the contrary. Combining plate-like heating elements with a mesh design to ensure even ramping throughout the cotton wick, and easier [...]

VGOD Pro 200 & Pro SubTank Review

VGOD may have expanded its product line into e-liquids, but there can be no doubt that their hearts are still with the Mods and Tanks they are known for. The proof of this is with their latest Mod and Sub-Ohm tank, the VGOD Pro 200 and the Pro SubTank Starter Kit (available now at Vapor [...]

Disposable Coils: An Update on Single-Use Coils by Spinfuel VAPE
Disposable Coils: An Update on Single-Use Coils

Okay, so it's been quite a while since we've talked much about single-use coils, or what most of us think of simply as "coils." Over the past few years, factory-assembled atomizers have gone from being a low-powered laughingstock to the preferred solution for all but the most hardcore vaper. How did we get here? Let's begin… Back [...]

The 24mm Wake Sub-Ohm Tank Review – Spinfuel VAPE
The 24mm Wake Sub-Ohm Tank Review

All that glitters isn’t gold. And, despite some really exciting plusses on the gold-plated Wake Sub-Ohm Tank, it ultimately fails to get a great score because of one major setback – longevity. Don’t get us wrong, when things are good, the Wake Sub-Ohm Tank is an A+ performer. But those moments simply don’t last long [...]

SMOK G80 TC Starter Kit Full Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

SMOK G80 TC Starter Kit Full Review The SMOK G80 TC Starter Kit turned out to be one of my favorite pocket mods to date. With a wattage range of 6W to 80W, and an ultra-low resistance of 0.06Ω, this very attractive setup won’t win any cloud contests with the included SMOK Spirals flavor tank, but [...]

Eleaf iStick Pico RDTA PREVIEW Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
The Eleaf iStick Pico RDTA AIO PREVIEW

When the Eleaf iStick PICO RDTA units showed up last week the first words to cross my mind were “Really? Does the Pico truly need to go RDTA?” Apparently so. Give us a week or two and we’ll bring you the full in-depth review. For now, here’s what we can say about this diminutive RDTA [...]