DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA Review
Blotto RTA by DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Review

We have a confession: When we did our “Best Rebuildables” feature a month ago, we had barely spent a few days with the DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA. But it only took a few days for us to realize that this tank was something special. And a month later, with countless dozens of refills [...]

Chief King RDA Review Spinfuel VAPE
Squid Industries Chief King RDA Review

I’ve been beyond excited to review the all-new Chief King RDA from the curiously named Squid Industries. And that was odd, because I don’t get overly worked up over dripping atomizers. To me, most of them are the same essential experience, with only a few standing out for me over the years. For instance, our [...]

OBS CRIUS II RTA – Single-Post Preview – Spinfuel VAPE
OBS CRIUS II RTA – Single-Post Preview

A Preview of the upcoming review for the OBS Crius II RTA - I have to admit, I wonder why OBS isn’t a more well-known company. From the original Crius dual-coil RTA, to the stout, leak-proof Engine RTA, all the way to the recent OBS-V sub-ohm tank, the Chinese manufacturer has consistently produced top-tier atomizers [...]

Recoil Rebel RDA Preview – Spinfuel VAPE
Celebrity Designed – ‘Recoil Rebel RDA’ A Preview

Break out those mixtapes, kids – we have another big-name guest appearance on an RDA! And this one features names known by experienced vapers, Grimm Green and OhmBoyOC. Their original collaboration, the original Recoil, was a big hit around these offices, so we have high hopes for their sophomore effort, the Recoil Rebel RDA. (Buy [...]

Anarchist Riot RDA – An In-Depth Review from Spinfuel VAPE
Anarchist Riot RDA – An In-Depth Review

Sometimes, I get annoyed with branding and trademarks. Because, thanks to SMOK’s marketing team, I have to find a different way of describing the Anarchist Riot RDA. Ah, the heck with it. I’ll take my chances – the 24mm Anarchist Riot RDA is an absolute cloud- and flavor-producing BEAST. While we await legal counsel, let’s dive in [...]

Geek Vape Griffin 25 RTA Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Geek Vape Griffin 25 RTA Review

Geek Vape Griffin 25 RTA Review Any vaping enthusiast has heard of the Griffin 25 RTA. Geekvape Technology Co (or is Geek Vape?) is a respected name throughout the vaping industry, from their Griffin RTA’s, Tsunami RDA’s, Avocado RDTA’s and Eagle Sub-Ohm Tanks; they cover all spectrums of the market - devices, accessories and building materials. The [...]

Coil Master 521 Tab – A Spinfuel eMagazine Review
Coil Master 521 Tab – A Review

Coil Master 521 Tab - A New Device, Not a Toolkit I wanted to do this review for the Coil Master 521 Tab mostly because I use Coil Master toolkits all the time, at home in New Hampshire, in Florida, on the road, just about anywhere. Being able to whip out a toolkit and some wire [...]

Coil Building - To Torch or Not to Torch - Spinfuel VAPE
Coil Building: To Torch or Not to Torch

Coil Building 101 To Torch or Not to Torch  by J. C. Martin, III Quasi Prolog When I received the Mutation XS V4 Mini RDA, I decided to do some ohms testing with coil builds.  "How much resistance is actually decreased when Kanthal is slowly passed over a torch and submerged into baking soda water?" I asked myself.  Well, [...]

The Quad-Snake Coil build with a 22mm RDA

The Quad-Snake Coil build with a 22mm RDA,   by Joseph C. Martin, III As we build coils and vape, we ask ourselves from time to time, "Is there really any reason to build more advanced coils? Cannot I just order a pack of 100 pre-built coils from the web and store my jig?" Well, of course [...]

CoilMaster v3 6 in 1 Review by Gareth Witty

Gareth Reviews CoilMaster v3 Gareth Witty is the host of VapeDogVapes The CoilMaster V3 is the latest collection of tools in one easy kit for all DIY coil builders. You have never experienced the ease of building micro coils until you use this kit. Just slip in any gauge wire of your choosing with your desired diameter size, [...]

Anarchist Wire Build – Fresh Build Friday

Anarchist Wire Build Huge shoutout to Phil & Melissa of Local Vape Distribution for stopping by Voltage Vape and letting me review their products. Here I'll be doing a great build for all you cloud chasers out there. Simple and clean with massive cloud production. Click the link below for more info on the products in [...]

FreshBuildFriday – DailyVapeTV 100W Plus Build

DailyVapeTV - Fresh Build Friday - 100w Plus Build You asked for it and I delivered. After getting a lot of input from the people that attended my rebuilding classes at VCC it prompted me to make this video. Here I address a few of the little things everyone should know how to do for a [...]

#FreshBuildFriday Returns! Coil Jig Review

Revolver Coil Jig Review Part review, part build video. Today I will be demonstrating how to use the Revolver coil jig from coil jigs.com. If you're new to rebuilding I strongly suggest you pick up one of these bad boys to help you on your way to building some sweet coils. With 3 different coil sizes [...]

Stove Top Coil – #FreshBuildFriday

I wouldn't recommend cooking on this thing but boy does she chuck the vapor! Not my cleanest build ever but this one is pretty tough to perfect. If you're looking for a new out-of-the-box build and you have quite a few coils under your belt, give this one a shot! The mod shown in this [...]

#FreshBuildFriday – Angled Macro Build

Sometimes when you make stuff up on the fly, it works out in your favor. After feeling a lack of inspiration lately, I decided to try something I've seen for a few weeks, angled coils. Personally I am OCD about my could being perfectly level and directly in front of the air holes for maximum [...]