OBS Alter 70W Open Pod Kit Review

The Review of the OBS Alter 70W Pod Mod Kit - Over the last few months, we’ve started to put the term “pod mod” in quotation marks. The reason is the latest crop of devices doesn’t really fit the 2018/2019 description. With high wattage limits, full-blown replaceable coil setups, and a ton of other similarities, [...]

Best Vape Tanks of 2019
The Best Vape Tanks of 2019 … so far

Doing these “best of” lists brings about a lot of arguments within our team. One person’s backup is another person’s “go to,” with neither party ever truly being right or wrong. And no list created more bickering than this one – the best vape tanks of 2019 (so far). While John is still an avid [...]

Aleader Sailor Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE
Aleader Sailor Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Another Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank comes to market. And, while being a very good performer, sits a tad too close to an older, better, sub-ohm tank...  the larger SMOK RESA Prince.  After reading this review, the Aleader Sailor MC Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank may find it difficult to find a home among your tank collection. From a vaping viewpoint, [...]

Freemax FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank Review – Spinfuel VAPE
FreeMax FireLuke Cloud Chucking Sub-Ohm Review

I don’t normally like to draw attention to myself when vaping. So, when Freemax decided to shape its FireLuke sub-ohm tank like a bulbous goldfish bowl, I was hesitant to give it a shot. But my mother told me to never judge a book by its Gumball machine looks (I’m paraphrasing) so I investigated further. And [...]

VGOD TrickTank Sub-Ohm Tank Review

 VGOD is the name synonymous with vaping tricks and why this atomizer is referred to as the VGOD TrickTank Sub-Ohm Tank! No, this tank does not help you blow better O's or throw perfect Jellyfishes around the room! It's a standard, open airflow cloud producer! If you know how to do vapor tricks already, this tank [...]

Revisiting Dehydration in 2015

Bigger Clouds, Sub Ohm Coils… More Dehydration! A Vaping Rx for moderate to heavy Vapers It’s been a great year for cloud chasing. New tanks in the sub ohm territory delivering more and more vapor, like the Kanger Subtank, the Aspire Atlantis, and the Joyetech Delta 2. This is a good thing, right? Of course it is…with [...]