The SMOK TFV12 Prince is available at Vapor Authority
A Second Look at the SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, we can best serve the vape community by offering another look at a vaping device through the eyes of another staff reviewer here at Spinfuel VAPE. The last time we did this it was the Vaporesso Revenger (the original), and today it’s the SMOK TFV12 Prince, next week it will [...]

SMOK TFV12 Prince Sub-ohm Tank Review – Spinfuel Vape
SMOK TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank Review

The first of two Reviews for the new SMOK TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank - Of all the companies we encounter each week, none are more prolific than SMOK. And when the company finds something that works, they COMMIT to maximizing the brand, with its growing line of sister products. Some offshoots are more successful than others, [...]

SMOK TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank Preview – Spinfuel VAPE
SMOK TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank Preview

A Preview of the upcoming SMOK TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank. Due any day now, look for two reviews coming in the next few weeks. The TFV12 Prince is the only the second sub-ohm tank from the TFV12 line from SMOK, the new SMOK TFV12 Prince looks to be one helluva of tank. We’re talking huge capacity, [...]

SMOK TFV8 X-Baby Tank Review

I’m going to do something a little different in this review of the new X-Baby . I’m going to give my verdict at the top of the piece, and let you – our loyal readers – decide for yourselves if you want to see why the score might be justified. Why am I doing it this [...]

SMOK Marshal G320 TC Starter Kit Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
SMOK Marshal G320 Starter Kit Review

Marshall G320 Mod + Big Baby Sub-Ohm = Starter Kit Introduction Throughout 2016 most of my Top 10 favorite vape gear products has come from SMOKTech, or simply “SMOK” to its fan base. SMOK has had a busy year, and while certainly not the only vape gear company to have an active release schedule, more often than [...]

SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank Review

SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Most of the time companies release a full-size tank and if it does well they will release a smaller version. Unfortunately, most follow up tanks are just a shrunken down iteration with less juice capacity. Some go back to the drawing board and redesign a brand new tank to improve on the [...]

SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank Review by Spinfuel eMagazine
SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank Review

SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank Review This review for the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast is longer than nearly any other Sub-Ohm tank review. That said, I think this tank deserves this much scrutiny and evaluation by Spinfuel. I hope that you will read every word before or after purchasing this innovative tank. - Tom My first wish [...]