Nicotine Content: How Much Nicotine is in a Cigarette vs. Vape
How Much Nicotine is in a Tobacco Cigarette vs. a Vape

Nicotine Content: How Much Nicotine is in a Cigarette vs. Vape --- “Smoke a fresh cigarette; it’s doctor recommended!” Now there’s a phrase I bet you’ve never seen or heard. Did you know that from 1930-1950, doctors actually recommended smoking a fresh cigarette? As baffling as that may sound, it wasn’t until 1964 that cigarettes started getting [...]

Las Vegas Is Still A Free Vape State
Las Vegas Is Still A Free Vape Town For Now

No vaping ban in Las Vegas parks, at least for now. Electronic cigarette use and vaping in Las Vegas parks will not be outlawed for now, although the Bill's sponsor said the issue might be raised again in the future. Well, good luck with that... Once again, even in Sin City, vaping is the Great Evil™ [...]

Vape Shop Owners: Hard Time Winning Customers
Vape Shop Owners: Hard Time Winning Customers

Vape Shops Harmed - Like we have said over a hundred times since this Vitamin E Acetate THC Bootleg Cartridge outbreak began, it doesn't matter in the short term, even if President Trump were to make a speech telling the world that vaping e-liquid is as safe as can be (and it is)... the damage [...]

Best Authentic Tobacco E-Juice Reviewed
Best Authentic Tobacco E-Juice Reviewed

For some people who vape, tobacco e-juice is a transitional tool that eases the journey from smoking to vaping. For others, the flavor of tobacco becomes a lifelong love that remains long after the desire to smoke is gone. Even if you don’t fall into either of those categories, the best tobacco e-liquids can make [...]

Smoking Relapse? 9 Tips to Recovery

If you’ve suffered a smoking relapse and now you're back to smoking cigarettes or some other tobacco product, do not beat yourself up over it. Everybody slips sometimes. As the old saying goes, “to err is human.” The less-known second line of that poem — “to forgive, divine” — is exactly the right reaction. Be kind to yourself. Here [...]

Parties Weren’t Meant to Last
Parties Weren’t Meant to Last…

Because Life is Just a Party, and Parties Weren’t Meant to Last This is as good an explanation as any I’ve heard yet as to why Prince passed unexpectedly last Thursday. What does Prince have to do with vaping? Maybe nothing, maybe something, but how can I not devote this week’s column to him? I grew up [...]

Smokenjoey with David Goerlitz and Rick Bender

The Winston Man Spills It All to Smokenjoey   Hey Folks, Smokenjoey here is a very important interview with David Goerlitz, AKA The Face of Winston Cigarettes during the 1980's, and Rick Bender, an important advocate for electronic cigarettes. We did the interview during the VCCTN in Chattanooga last month.  The things you will hear in this interview will cause the hair on your [...]

StopTober – Take the Challenge

 StopTober could be a life changer for you The subject of smoking cessation is now mainstream news, especially with the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, and the UK NHS is certainly assisting the fight against tobacco cigarettes. The recent introduction of the so-called "StopTober campaign" initially started fairly quietly but has grown into something which is [...]

Vape Gear – Vaporfi Pulse Review

Vaporfi Pulse Starter Kit: $119.99 For: New Vapers  VaporZone recently underwent a name change to Vaporfi, but when it comes to their vape gear and eliquid line it’s the same company. A couple of weeks ago I was looking at our list of upcoming reviews and I noticed a cool looking vaporizer that offered plenty of features, good [...]

Smoking – A The Dark Future

A Breakdown of How Smoking Affects Your Body In modern times it’s common knowledge just how bad smoking is for you. Smoking is one of the biggest causes of death that could be prevented, with more than 80,000 people dying on a yearly basis due to smoking related issues. One of the reasons this keeps happening [...]

Smokio eCigarette Review/Interview – Bluetooth!

A Bluetooth 4 plus Smartphone App = Innovation! Keira Hartley-Barnes I’m wasn’t sure why I was chosen to do to this review for the Smokio, but since then I couldn’t be happier that it was me that had the task of checking out a brand new product from France. I love everything about France, well mostly anyway, [...]

Tobacco Cigarette Companies Lost Control

... of the electronic cigarette market If we look back to the turn-of-the-century the electronic cigarette market was miniscule, a very niche arena and one which received very little in the way of attention from the mass media. Indeed, in the early days the number of electronic cigarette users was very small and very few experts [...]

Vaping Is Deadly And Should Be Banned

Deadly and Dangerous, Vaping should be banned.... And Other Ranting from the Lunatic FringeIt isn’t just the anti-smoking individuals and groups that want the electronic cigarette industry to fold up and fade away. It’s people from all walks of life, including everyday normal people who are scared to death, and ‘some’ smokers who have the wrong [...]

Survey Highlights Pressure on Tobacco Cigarette Market

Wells Fargo Securities survey highlights pressure on tobacco cigarette market In what is becoming something of a pattern around the world, the latest Wells Fargo Securities Tobacco Talk survey has further highlighted ongoing migration from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes and vapor devices. This is something which was recently credited with pushing the rate of [...]

Death by a thousand puffs, the story of the UK tobacco market

Commentary: UK Tobacco Market While the UK tobacco market has been very prominent in years gone-by there are signs of serious change amongst the UK adult population. A survey this week confirmed that for the first time in 80 years the number of tobacco smokers in UK has fallen below 20% of the adult population. When [...]