ceramic bong -Bong Types, Shapes and Accessories for an Enhanced Smoking Experience
Bong Shapes & Accessories for Enhanced Experiences

As the legalization of marijuana is slowly kicking off across the world, societal views on cannabis use have tremendously changed. People are becoming more interested in learning about the benefits of cannabis. Including the different ways in which they can consume it to enhance their smoking experience. In this article we'll talk about Bongs, the [...]

Vaporesso Revenger Mini Starter Kit (w/NRG SE Tank) Preview – Spinfuel VAPE
Vaporesso Revenger Mini Starter Kit Preview

I don’t think anyone is surprised that Vaporesso took the logical step with their most popular box mod, the Revenger, and created a “mini” version. However, with the introduction of the Revenger X, (preview here) I admit I was surprised to see that the Vaporesso Revenger Mini does not feature the same “haptics” to navigate [...]

Vaporesso Attitude Starter Kit Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Vaporesso Attitude Starter Kit Review

Introduction After a considerable amount of time vaping with mods that require three, and four, 18650 hi-amp batteries, the 80W, single cell Zinc and Aluminum Vaporesso Attitude felt as light as a feather. With a weight of just 125g, and sized at only 3.2” tall, 1.84” wide and a depth of a mere .9”, the Vaporesso [...]

Vaporesso Gemini RTA Review for Spinfuel eMagazine
Gemini RTA by Vaporesso

Vaporesso Gemini RTA & Gemini (SubOhm) Tank I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating; I don’t build nearly the same number of coils that I did a year ago, but I haven’t giving it up entirely. In fact, with the recent waves of awesome RTA’s my joy of coil building is returning. One such awesome [...]