Feature - What Are Vape Coils and How Often Should You Replace Them?
What Are Vape Coils and How Often Should You Replace Them?

If you’re new to the vaping world, it would seem like there are just too many things to think about when buying your first (or second) vape kit—from the vape mod, atomizers, vape coil, tank, wicking materials, and so on. Among these things, the vape coil is the heart of your kit. It’s something that your [...]

SMOK Morph 219W TC Starter Kit Review
SMOK Morph 219W TC Mod Kit Review

SMOK Morph Starter Kit Review- During 2017 and 2018 we (as in Spinfuel VAPE) were constantly telling our readers (that would be you folk) that SMOK was way too prolific in their vape mod and starter kit offerings. There was only so many ways to present the same “ingredients”. Like Taco Bell or any Chinese [...]

Vaporesso NRG Sub-Ohm Tank Review – Spinfuel Vape

The Vaporesso NRG Sub-Ohm Tank is the latest “flagship” Sub-Ohm Tank from Vaporesso, featuring some 5mL juice capacity, a Slide-n-Fill top-fill design that functions better than SMOK’s own hinge-pull top-fill of their TFV8 and TFV12 Tanks, plus a mesh drip tip that stops any potential spit back, and dual bottom airflow controls. Lastly, with the NRG [...]

Ceravape Cerabis 44 and Cerabis 45 Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Ceravape Cerabis 44 Cerabis 45 Tank Review

Ceravape Cerabis 44 and 45 Tank Review Ceravape is back with two new ceramic coil tanks that deliver fantastic flavor and more clouds of vapor you would expect to see from a rather small coil and a non-wide bore drip tip. In other words, the performance of these two beauties, the Cerabis 44 and Cerabis 45, [...]

Joyetech Ultimo Tank Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Joyetech ULTIMO Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Joyetech Ultimo Tank Review The Joyetech Ultimo Sub-Ohm Tank is the new flagship Atomizer from Joyetech, a company well known for their eVic line of Box Mods. Releasing a new type of coil structure, the MG Series Coil Heads seemed promising and was excited to give them a go. I've owned a few Joyetech products the [...]

Starre PURE by Freemax – A Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Freemax Starre PURE – Review

Starre PURE by Freemax Prologue The Freemax Starre PURE is not the first sub-ohm tank I’ve proudly called the “best tank ever”, although it could be the last. As technology improves, products improve, including sub-ohm tanks. And while I still love the hell out of my other high-end tanks, today I’m all about the Starre PURE. Introduction The Freemax [...]

Vaporesso ORC Ceramic Tank Review – Spinfuel eMagazine

Vaporesso ORC Ceramic Tank Review If you are a fan of the Vaporesso cCell Ceramic Coil Head, then this review will definitely interest you. However, if you’ve tried the cCell before and found it wanting, nothing Vaporesso can do would change your mind. The heart of the new Vaporesso ORC tank is that cCell Ceramic Coil [...]

Horizon Cerackoat Ceramic Tank Review Spinfuel eMagazine

The Horizon Cerakoat Ceramic Tank took more than three weeks of my time before I could make up my mind about its value and performance. Never have I had to spend this kind of time with a product before I was sure it was something worth buying, or something to avoid. But, I finally reached [...]

The Horizon Krixus Ceramic Tank Review by Tom McBride for Spinfuel eMagazine
Horizon Krixus Ceramic Tank

The Horizon Krixus Ceramic Tank Review Prepare to spend a lot more on e-liquid if you plan to buy the new Horizon Krixus Ceramic Tank. It is definitely innovative, has plenty of terrific features, but with a wattage output rating of 40-80-watts it vaporizes e-liquid faster than any tank I’ve used to date, and that’s a [...]

UD Simba Sub-Ohm Ceramic Tank Review by Spinfuel eMagazine
UD Simba Ceramic RTA

UD Simba Sub-Ohm Ceramic Tank Review I was so excited about the new UD Simba I couldn’t wait to try it. It seems that any tank by Youde UD is superb in flavor and vapor, and something new could only mean the guys in R&D department had found a better way to deliver even more flavor [...]

Gigue Dolphin Tank Review by Julia Hartley-Barnes for Spinfuel eMagazine
Gigue Dolphin Tank Review

The Gigue Dolphin Ceramic Tank Rewickable - Flavorful - Innovative I am beginning to think that reviewing sub-ohm tanks like the Gigue Dolphin can no longer focus on the amount, or density, of clouds of vapor they produce. The last several sub-ohm tanks I’ve used, and some I have reviewed, have all produced more vapor than anybody [...]

Council of Vapor Phoenix Tank Review – Tom McBride for Spinfuel eMagazine
Phoenix Tank by Council of Vapor

Council of Vapor Phoenix Tank Review Council of Vapor is one of those companies that attract worshippers and haters. To the worshippers Council of Vapor can do no wrong, to the haters, Council of Vapor can’t do anything right. No where is this more clear than with the new Phoenix Tank. It is loved and it [...]

Target cCell Tank by Vaporesso Review
Target cCell Tank Review

Target cCell Tank by Vaporesso Review The first thing I need to say about the Target cCell Tank by Vaporesso, in Rose Gold, is that it is an incredibly beautiful piece of technology. It certainly isn’t the Best Tank Ever, but it is gorgeous. By the way, is everyone now satisfied that the cCell ceramic coil heads [...]

Ceramic Coils from Atom Vapes
Ceramic Coils by Atom Vapes – gCeramic!

Ceramic Coils from Atom Vapes - A Review The gCeramic Coil Series - 24ct Gold - No Cotton Wick - Long Life Joining the sudden, and explosive growth of ceramic coils for the vaping community, Atom Vapes has released a series of new, medical-grade ceramic coils, aptly called gCeramic Coils. The “g” stands for Gold, 24ct gold [...]

Aspire Atlantis Review

Tony Brittan's Vapor Trail Channel And The Aspire Atlantis The Aspire Atlantis is a clearomizer style tank system that claims to give the performance of a dripping atomizer. Today we unbox it, break it down, fill it up, and vape it, to find out if it really does live up to the hype! This is not [...]