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Is your beloved kitty feeling anxious? Are they urinating in strange places or on your belongings? Do they have arthritis? It may be time to try CBD. It comes from hemp and will NOT cause your animal to have a psychoactive high. There are plenty of great benefits associated with this hemp plant. CBD won't cause your cat to feel high or unwell, but it could offer profound health benefits for your feline. As you check for CBD oil for cats, you will understand how many choices there are. To make life easy, we have checked with the best CBD brands and favorite felines to find the best CBD oils. 5 Best CBD Oil For Cats In The Market 1. Holistapet - Overall Best CBD Oil For Cats; Top Selling 2. NuLeaf Naturals - Full Spectrum Cat CBD Oil To Cure Pain 3. CBDistillery - Strongest CBD Tincture For Anxiety 4. Joy Organics - Broad Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets 5. CBD MD - Most Popular Natural Hemp Oil for Cats #1. HolistaPet - Overall Best CBD Oil For Cats; Top Selling Holistapet is a USA-based company that sells CBD items for cats, dogs, and horses who need anxiety and pain help. For this brief Holistapet review, we'll review what you need to know. The brand uses natural, organically grown hemp in all of its products. The hemp comes from the USA. The products also have superfoods like blueberries, hemp seed, and flaxseed in their blends. In addition, you may find other helpful, healing herbs in the mix that support your pet's health. Check out this study in which CBD helped decrease the low-frequency heart rate of animals and the time spent focusing on an object in the same room. The tails entered a relaxed state, and the high frequency of the heart rate decreased. There could be some benefits for cats in this oil! This company came about in 2016 and aimed to raise awareness about CBD benefits for animals. They sell healing CBD blends and oils, all for helping pets get relief from stress, mobility trouble, and joint issues. In addition, they sell their oils in pure oil format and provide chews, treats, and catnip. They assure all buyers that their products are tested via the help of a third-party lab, CannaSafe, for your peace of mind. In addition, there is a helpful quiz to help you decide which oil is best for you and your cat. Their oil is second to none. Hence it made the first spot on our list. It contains two ingredients only: organic hemp oil and broad-spectrum CBD oil. The oil is sold in a small dropper bottle, so you can easily measure how much is given to your cat. You can serve it to your cat by dropping it into their mouth, mixing it into their food, or infusing it into their treats. The Holistapet company assures owners their oil could help their pets: • With allergic reactions • With aging-related issues • With digestive issues • With anxiety and stress • With joints and mobility The hemp comes from Colorado, USA. There is zero THC to be found within this blend. All oils and products are made cruelty-free. They offer many potencies to suit your cat. For example, you can choose 150 mg for cats 20 lbs and under in weight. But, for our chunky buddies, they do sell 300mg oil for cats weighing 20 lbs. and up. The treats are another safe bet. They are made using salmon, potato starch, chicken, brewers dried yeast, and peas. You get 75 treats in a bag at a great price and a taste your cat will love. Highlights • Oils provided for dogs, cats, and horses • You can choose oils or food options • They use all organic ingredients • All products are tested using the lab CannaSafe for your safety • Free freight anywhere in the USA • Great customer feedback Pros • All products undergo testing at a third-party lab • All products use hemp from a Colorado farm • Solvent-free, no pesticides • Vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free items • All made in the US • 30-day Money-back guarantee Cons • Some customers complain about the treats being hard for their cats to chew ⇒ Visit the Official Website of HolistaPet #2. NuLeaf Naturals - Full Spectrum Cat CBD Oil To Cure Pain Nuleaf Naturals oils are versatile and may be used on dogs and horses alongside cats. Every drop from one of the three potency bottles contains 3mg CBD, and it's effortless to calculate based on your feline's weight. In addition, they make it easy to learn if you need help with how to use the CBD oil by NuLeaf. The oil is made using whole-plant extract and contains natural terpenes and cannabinoids in a full-spectrum blend—third-party test results on their website back all products. The company creates a whole-plant CBD blend using secondary cannabinoids plus pure cannabidiol. You'll find CBG, CBN, and CBC in their blend. The cannabinoids work as a team to maximize your cat's relaxation benefits. In addition, the cultivation program helps assure you that Nuleaf CBD oils are pure and safe. Nuleaf Naturals is involved in the entire process, from seed to harvest manufacturing and packaging. They use the supercritical CO2 method for extraction. As a result, your cat gets a comprehensive range of essential oils, cannabinoids, phytonutrients, and terpenes. NuLeaf Naturals products for cats get five-star ratings from customers. Most folks have come to this company looking for relief for their beloved pet, and we were so pleased with how well it worked we knew it had to be part of the list. Highlights • Three bottles of varied potencies available for purchase • Made using all organic hemp • Full-spectrum oils to provide max benefits for your cat • Subcritical and supercritical CO2 methodologies used to extract the hemp • 60-day money-back guarantee Pros • Three potencies to select from • Quality control is on point • Usable on dogs and horses provides excellent value for people with these animals, plus cats. • Highly transparent about their manufacturing processes Cons • No flavored oils are offered ⇒ Visit the Official Website of NuLeaf Naturals #3. CBDistillery - Strongest CBD Tincture For Anxiety Many cats struggle to manage their hair loss, dry skin, and itchy skin. CBD helps ease such symptoms. If your cat is dealing with dry, flaky, or itchy skin, you should nod to the CBDistillery's Pet Tincture. It benefits your pet's skin since it is made using hemp seed oil. This oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, known for improving skin health. In addition, reviews indicate that cats are less itchy, even when allergy season is in full swing. CBDistillery is a quality CBD company known for making CBD tinctures, gummies, vapes, and pet items. They are part of the US Hemp Association and are dedicated to being transparent in all they do. Their items come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, including their oils for cats. In addition, all of their products are third-party lab-tested and compliant with the US Hemp Authority’s guideposts. CBDistillery opened its doors in 2016 after noticing the products available were different from their liking. The company authored the Ultimate CBD User Guide, which has been downloaded over 30,000 times. Their products are ultimately changing how the general public views and uses CBD. Their reviews show new customers that you can trust this company to provide clean, effective CBD. This tincture is beneficial for cats with itchy skin but is also suitable for anxiety and pain relief. The 600mg oil is much stronger than others we've seen. It's extracted using non-GMO organic hemp and is third-party lab tested. It's a full-spectrum blend. Therefore, it has additional cannabinoids, trace amounts of THC, and terpenes. Your cat will not get "high" using this oil despite the trace THC amounts. For cats, we recommend the 30mL bottle. There, you will get a 150mg bottle of full-spectrum oil. These full-spectrum oils are made with the entire plant for maximum benefits. The tinctures made by CBDistillery are cold-pressed. Since other extraction methodologies employ heat, some natural flavors and nutrients can be destroyed- not the case with this company. Highlights • It’s a full-spectrum CBD tincture • The price is reasonable • All of their products are third-party tested • 150mg size is perfect for treating cats Pros • Potent 600mg formula • It is a full-spectrum oil that offers many benefits • The excellent price point for the strength • They are certified by the US Hemp Authority to ensure quality and value Cons • No flavored oils were available. ⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBDistillery #4. Joy Organics - Broad Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets Joy Organics is all about ingredients you can pronounce, superb quality, and a brand that supports your pet's wellness. Their tincture is made using two ingredients only and is simple to work into your animal's daily routine. It's a fast-acting formula. Pets naturally enjoy the taste, but you can quickly drop it into your pet's mouth or mix it into their food. If you go the mouth route, ensure you wash off the dropper before putting it back into the bottle. Olive oil and hemp extract are the only two ingredients in the bottle. You'll be happy to note that the blend contains no THC, so if you prefer your oils to have no THC, this is a safe bet. In addition, your pet will enjoy improving their feelings and joints without feeling intoxicated or high. (None of the oils on today's list will make your pet high). Joy Organics extracts its CO2 using the supercritical CO2 method to offer excellent health benefits for the hemp plant’s natural compounds. It’s called the “entourage effect," and it happens when the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids work together to bring you the best health benefits. Dogs and cats possess an endocannabinoid system that helps them get all the benefits of CBD. This tincture is a perfect example and offers wellness support for your canine and feline friends. For example, CBD might help with inflammation, seizures, nausea, and anxiety. Highlights • USDA-organic certified • 1 oz of CBD oil in every bottle • Vegan, no THC, and broad-spectrum • Premium, high-grade oil • Made in the USA Pros • All products are third-party tested • No THC detected in the blend • All items are affixed with a 30-day money-back guarantee • Subscribe & save options are available • Made using organic ingredients Cons • It only comes in one potency ⇒ Visit the Official Website of Joy Organics #5. CBD MD - Most Popular Natural Hemp Oil for Cats The CBD oil for cats offered by CBD MD is second to none. The blends will bring you their great broad-spectrum blend with CBN and CBG as the secondary cannabinoids found in the bottle. They will offer everyday wellness benefits to your pet cat, and they’re all third-party tested for purity and potency. So, you can get all the benefits of hemp for your pet that you expect. These CBD oils are just what you expect in quality CBD oil. They provide anti-inflammatory properties, which are great for your feline's overall wellness. In addition, it's beneficial if your pet is older and has aching joints. The reviews indicate that it could help your animal remain calm. In addition, CBD alleviates anxiety, and the catnip extract could provide even more calming effects. These CBD bottles are perfect for cats because they have a lower potency to accommodate the smaller size of our feline friends. Most cats will do well with the 150mg bottle, while other, heavier cats may need the 300mg bottle. The oils are made inside the ISO-certified lab, so you get the highest quality. The oils are also gluten-free, vegan, and devoid of THC. You can purchase them in catnip or regular flavor. CBD MD Oil for Cats is a great way to help your feline feel like themself again, and thanks to the included dropper, it’s easy to dose. They also have a wonderful Calm blend which can help your cat enjoy those hourly naps they love to take even more, keeping them level-headed when things get stressful. The Calm blend is helpful for cats, offering a blend of passionflower, lemon balm, and chamomile plus valerian to help your cat find their Zen moment. The oil is an excellent solution for cats' most common stressful moments, such as trips to the vet, loud noises, moving, and new family members joining the household. Highlights • Hemp-derived CBD offered • Their Calm blend features melatonin, valerian root, and chamomile • Regular blend offers an exciting Catnip flavor to entice your pet • Two potencies available for the Regular blend- 150mg and 300mg • Customer reviews indicate that this oil is safe and effective Pros • All products are tested using a third-party lab, and COAs are posted on their website • All products are free of solvents and pesticides • 60-days money-back guarantee • All products are made using USA hemp, and made in the US • Subscribe & save deals available • Regular and Calming blends are available Cons • Some buyers complained that delivery took a long time. ⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBD MD How We Made This List Of Top Companies Selling Best CBD Oil For Pets We learned early on that if we were to make a list of the best CBD oils for cats, it was essential to make a list that let you know how we did it. So, firstly, we selected the qualities that oils must have if they wanted to be part of the list. Here are the qualities we chose: • Transparent about hemp sources • Lab reports indicating potency and purity • CBD strength printed on the container • Responsible marketing (no claims that it can cure your cat, etc.) • Made just for cats Using such criteria, we found a way to narrow down the options significantly. At that point, we tested out the final items that remained. First, we tried them out on our anxious felines. Next, we tested them out on the team cats with problems such as anxiety, arthritis, and stress. Finally, we noted how our cats reacted to the oils and whether or not they felt better. Each cat uniquely responds to CBD treatments. We also checked out what other customers were saying. We read plenty of reviews, which are great when looking for the best CBD companies. It was easy to understand which companies pet owners enjoyed, and we weighed their opinions heavily when choosing the best CBD oils for cats. Buying Guide - Crucial Points To Look Before Purchasing Cruelty-Free CBD Oils For Cats We honed in on the best CBD oils for cats to make it easier on you, but how can you know which of the oils provided will suit your cat? Or what if you find a different brand and need to check to see if it’s OK? Here are the main factors to consider when choosing a CBD oil for your pet: • CBD Inside Some CBD oils designed for cats are potent, while others aren’t as much. For example, one CBD oil for cats could have 200mg of CBD within the bottle, but another could have 600mg. The best choice is going to be whatever your cat needs. For example, if you’re providing your animal CBD oil because of severe anxiety or pains, you’ll need a strong oil. Meanwhile, you need less potent oils if you have a small or susceptible cat. Remember, the potency of the CBD oil you purchase will factor into how much CBD you'll need to provide your pet. For instance, if you wish your cat to have a 4 mg CBD dose, you might need two droppers-full of a less potent oil but a half dropper of very potent oil. Cats are known for their pickiness, and it may be easier to have them take a smaller oil dose. • Flavoring Some CBD oils for felines don't contain extra added flavors and taste earthy like hemp. However, some cats don't care about the hemp taste and often don't notice if you mix it well with their food. They might even take it straight from the dropper if they realize it helps them feel their best. If your cat is finicky or has given them a hemp oil they didn't care for, try a flavored oil. Your feline will likely enjoy beef, chicken, and other meat-related, cat-approved flavors. • Recommended Usage CBD oil is a versatile item to have in your arsenal. You can use CBD oil for many reasons that give a human being CBD. For instance, CBD oil for cats you could be using for arthritis might be helpful for anxiety management. However, some benefits depend on the CBD oil you purchase for your cat. CBD oil for felines may be extracted from differing hemp strains. Different hemp strains contain variant terpenes or compounds that lend aromas to the plant. Some terpenes offer specific benefits to the body. For example, Linalool is a stress fighter. Myrcene is a sedative. Limonene is good for anxiety. So, if CBD oil indicates it is used for a specific purpose, it could be thanks to the terpenes within the oil. Check for an oil that is suited for your cat's specific issues. For example, a cat with arthritis could benefit significantly from CBD hemp oil for cats that is used for pain. • Company Image Ensure you read about the company you're interested in purchasing from first. When and where was the company founded? Companies that have been in business for a long time have had the chance to improve their formula, so the quality is better. Be sure you check if the company offers a money-back guarantee also. The best companies do; they are wild about ensuring you are happy with your cat's CBD oils. • Ingredients Source Where the ingredients come from is very important when we talk about CBD. Purchase your oils from a brand that gets their hemp from USA farms because it provides quality assurance. If your company of choice uses non-GMO, organic hemp that is free from pesticides, it’s even better. You don’t want your cat ingesting chemicals or heavy metals. • Lab Tests Although regulations about lab testing for CBD pet items are nil, the greatest CBD oil brands will test their CBD items. Check out lab reports before you make a purchase. Also, please verify that your CBD oil contains the CBD they offer on the label. Finally, ensure the oil's lab reports show zero solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides in the final product. How to Give Your Cat CBD Oil? When dosing your cats with CBD oil, you should begin with a small amount and work upward. Cats need about .25 mg and .5 mg of CBD per lb. of body weight. So, if your cat clocks in at 8lb, the best CBD dosage will be 2 to 4 mg. Begin with a small dose of 2mg and see what the cat feels like/how they respond. If you don’t see improvement, try 3 mg the next time. Then, regroup and see what happens, and try 4mg if 3mg doesn’t make a difference. Remember, the more potent the oils, the fewer drops you need to dole out to the cat. For instance, a 250mg bottle of CBD oils could have 8mg in every dropper. Meanwhile, a 600mg formula could provide 20mg in a dropper. If you notice you need to give your feline more than just one dropper of CBD oil for cats to meet their needs, purchase a more vital CBD oil when you need to restock. What can CBD oil do for your cat? Some folks will dose their cats daily for general wellness. It’s not a terrible idea; after all, CBD is a quality antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, mood regulation, and anti-stress supplement. But more cat owners give the supplement to their animals before it’s time to begin traveling or for other common reasons. • Helps Your Cat Avoid Stress During Travel Most cats fear to travel, whether by car, plane, bus, or train. So, whether you're taking them to the veterinarian or a friend's home for babysitting while you're away, they could run and hide when you show yourself with the cat carrier. Some cats might throw up in transit or cry loudly to the dismay of others around you. These are signals of high anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, they are dosing your cat with CBD before the journey could help. Then, they may feel relaxed and stress-free during the ride. CBD oil for cats will not make your cat feel tired or lethargic. Instead, it will help them take the nervous edge off, and all you have to do is dose them about a half-hour before you leave the house. • Helps Your Cat Stay Level During Times of Change Cats could be better at dealing with changes. If you're bringing your cat to a new home, bringing home your new baby, or welcoming new family members who will be living with you temporarily or permanently, it can make your cat skittish. So, CBD can help. It could put their brains at ease while the transition takes place. You can notice fewer destructive behaviors when using CBD for cats, such as urinating in inappropriate places. • It helps Manage Anxiety Symptoms Just as some folks are anxious, cats are the same way. If your cat tends to hide out, hiss at you, grooms too much, or attacks people or other cats, they are likely quite anxious. A small dose of CBD oil for cats daily could help your cat manage anxiety and end such behavioral traits. Once cats are used to a daily CBD product, they can feel confident and face the situations and fears, becoming less anxious over time. In the best-case scenario, the cat may lose their anxiety altogether after realizing there’s nothing to be afraid of at home. • Helps With Arthritis Cats may develop arthritis as they get older. The cartilage will wear away at the joints, which causes swelling and inflammation. CBD oil for cats may help with both issues- swelling and inflammation. It's a great anti-inflammatory supplement and helps lower the swelling of your feline's joints. In addition, it helps the cat stay limber and move around to their favorite places. CBD oil for cats also binds to the cat's nervous system receptors to fight pain. As the joints lessen in pain, the feline will find it easier to move about the home. The movement is excellent exercise and helps your cat feel independent. In addition, it might prevent arthritis from getting worse as time goes on. • May Help IBS IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome, is digestive tract inflammation. It could cause your cat to deal with frequent vomiting or diarrhea. CBD might help relieve the inflammation within the digestive tract, which, in turn, lessens IBS symptoms. If your cat was diagnosed with IBS, speak to the vet about placing CBD oils into their foods or using CBD treats. It's beneficial for plenty of felines, but your best bet is to ensure it won't interfere with your pet's other necessary medications, especially IBS. • Dosing Your Cat You will notice two main ways to give CBD oil for cats. First, you can drop the oil into their mouths directly with a dropper. Or you may mix the oil into the cat’s wet food. The dropper method is best for finicky cats who refuse to eat food if they notice CBD oil has been added to the mix. To use that method, draw the CBD into the dropper. Then, hold the cat in front and let its head face away from you. Now tilt your cat's head and, with your other hand, push the dropper into their mouth and throat and quickly squeeze out the liquid. Allow their head to remain tilted back until the oil is swallowed. Remember to provide a treat for good behavior, so your cat can associate their CBD oil with getting a treat. If your cat is wiggling around and making it difficult for you to administer the oil, mix it into wet food. Begin with a small oil dose. Once your cat is OK with it, increase your dose a bit at a time until you’ve acclimated that cat to the total dose. FAQs About CBD Oil For Cats Q1. What are some side effects of CBD oil for cats? Most cats use CBD perfectly well and won’t experience adverse side effects. A cat might experience these side effects upon using CBD oils: • Upset stomach • Excessive sleep • Drowsiness • Dried mouth, ergo more time spent drinking at the water bowl. Such symptoms will usually clear up within hours once the CBD has left your cat’s system. If your cat undergoes these side effects, but you'd still prefer that they have CBD, you can try a few things. Firstly, give some attention to how much oil you're doing to your cat, then try a smaller dose. For example, if you're giving 4mg CBD, try 3mg. A smaller dose can ease the symptoms, but you can avoid adverse side effects. You may also try dosing your cat with CBD but using a different carrier oil. For instance, if your cat isn't responding well to a coconut-based CBD oil for cats, try one made using olive oil. Some cats respond differently to varied carrier oils. Q2. Can you give your cbd oil for cats to humans? Some CBD products intended for humans might be safe to give your cat, but the risk isn’t worth it. You’ll notice flavors and preservatives in some CBD oil for cats that could pose a health risk to cats. Only your cat with CBD oil made for cats/other small pets. If you’ve located a CBD oil you’re fond of, try choosing a CBD oil made for cats by the same company. Most CBD brands are making pet-friendly versions of their human-grade CBD oils. Q3. What is full-spectrum CBD oil? Full-spectrum CBD oils designed for cats are made of more than CBD alone. They contain the entire spectrum of hemp-derived cannabinoids. Full-spectrum CBD also offers terpenes derived from hemp. Terpenes are compounds that provide smells to the plant and provide health benefits. For example, they provide anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. Q4. Will CBD oil make my cat high? Not at all! CBD oil is not psychoactive and will not make any being- feline, human, or canine- feel high. Instead, it’s relaxing and provides the benefits of hemp minus the THC (the stuff that gets you high). Q5. What medications does CBD interfere with for pets? CBD oil for cats is an inhibitor of cytochrome P450, and could affect the metabolism of other drugs, says the ASPCA. While such an interaction appears minimal in terms of significance, it could be critical when CBD is used to control seizures. As a result, anticonvulsant dosages may require adjustment. As in some safety studies, CBD may lead to dose-dependent liver enzyme elevations. Therefore, speaking to your vet before using CBD is essential, especially if your cat is taking medications for other conditions. Conclusion: Most Recommended Brands Of CBD Oil To Treat Your Cats We love cats as much as you do. CBD oil for cats is an excellent remedy to fight stress, minimize anxiety, or relieve pain. Ensure you do some research when shopping for the best CBD oil for your cat. You'll find many products for sale, varying degrees of quality. The best CBD oil for cats is just for cat usage. All of the oils on our list are ones you can trust. The customer reviews don't lie. These are some of the best quality of CBD oil for cats you can find, and the lab testing offered by the company proves it. You’ll also want to get a product that is tested by an independent, third-party lab and backed using a money-back guarantee and made with all-natural ingredients. Flavors are optional but may help some cats. Give the brands of CBD oil for cats on our list a try. You are sure to notice the benefits in your cat right away.
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