How to Make Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs
How to Make Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs

Ah, nothing like a hot bath can be deeply soothing at the end of a long day. Except maybe adding a cannabis-infused bath bombs to the mix every night. You get to lie down with your eyes shut and feel as though the water is washing your troubles away. It's hardly surprising that taking a hot [...]

Marijuana -How long will THC Stays in Your Bloodstream?
How long will Marijuana “THC” Stay in Your Bloodstream?

Do you use marijuana? Are you desperately wanting to know how long THC remains in your bloodstream? Maybe scheduled for a job interview? To answer the question straight away, THC (the chief psychoactive compound in cannabis) could stay in the blood for anything between 3 and 30 days. How long is THC detectable via drug testing? The frequency [...]

Massachusetts Vape Ban Lifted - Shops Restock
Massachusetts Vape Ban Lifted – Shops Restock

In the Police State of Massachusetts, where the Dictator Charlie Baker makes decisions based on what he wants, not the citizenry he was voted in to lead, the supposed Vape Ban has lifted. It happened on December 11th, long after the monstrous damage was already done. Vape Shops were closed by the dozens, hundreds of [...]

5 Ways to Enjoy your Cannabis
5 Excellent Ways to Enjoy Cannabis

Where marijuana used to be something your parents and the media would warn you against, but to the benefit of many, the paradigm is now shifting. Once considered an illicit substance, the benefits of consuming cannabis have increasingly been demonstrated in many aspects of our lives, our very own Publisher of Spinfuel VAPE included. From easing [...]

What You Need To Know About Vaping Cannabis
Vaping Cannabis – What You Need To Know About

Cannabis has been around a long time and people are not starting to see it in a completely different light. Of course, there are those out there that still look down on the substance, but that is neither here nor there. Over the years people have been coming up with a variety of creative ways [...]