Peanut Butter Breath Strain Review
Peanut Butter Breath Strain Review

What is Peanut Butter Breath Strain? The peanut butter breath cannabis strain is a mild Sativa dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that is perfect for a beginners experience with cannabis.This strain is also suitable for day time use as it will not leave you feeling tired, so you can keep on working and earning. Some people [...]

The Best Way to Store Cannabis: 6 Friendly Tips
The Best Way to Store Cannabis: 6 Friendly Tips

Ways to Store Cannabis? Indeed. A serious topic.  Cannabis is a wonderful flower that requires special care. If you see your flowers drying out more than before, you seriously want to consider some investments in weed storage equipment. Proper storage doesn’t only concern avid smokers or seasoned growers, but occasional enjoyers as well. Due to the [...]

Cannabis-Infused Banana Coconut
Try Cannabis-Infused Banana Coconut Pancake

Any food product made with marijuana — either the dried plant material or a concentrated infusion containing cannabinoids, such as Cannabutter or Cannaoil – is considered cannabis-infused food. Cannabis-infused foods may vary from simple Delta 8 edibles to more complicated and even gourmet meals like pancakes, pasta, or roasted veggies, available on dispensary shelves. Other recipes leverage the [...]

Your Indoor Cannabis Cultivation
Indoor Cannabis Cultivation – Easy Tips for Setting it Up 

If you are a cannabis lover, the idea of growing it at home is alluring. It makes you self-sustainable, enables you to save money, and helps you avoid unnecessary trips to a dispensary. More importantly, you know what you get as you have the option to cultivate organically. The good thing is that growing cannabis [...]

How To Get The Best Start With Your Cannabis Concentrates Journey
Best Start with your Cannabis Concentrates

How To Get The Best Start With Your Cannabis Concentrates Journey If you are a cannabis regular, you will probably want to try it in every form. The truth is that you can expect to be spoilt for choice as there are endless options to explore. Think beyond the flower, and you can see the whole [...]

Nutrient Deficiencies in Marijuana
Nutrient Deficiencies in Marijuana Plants: The Ultimate Guide

The secret to growing big marijuana plants isn't really that big of a secret anymore. All you need is to provide the plant with enough light, the right climate, the right amount of water and nutrients. Under these conditions, marijuana bushes will be healthy, able to fight most pests and diseases. When plants are not fed [...]

5 Ways to Enjoy your Cannabis
5 Excellent Ways to Enjoy Cannabis

Where marijuana used to be something your parents and the media would warn you against, but to the benefit of many, the paradigm is now shifting. Once considered an illicit substance, the benefits of consuming cannabis have increasingly been demonstrated in many aspects of our lives, our very own Publisher of Spinfuel VAPE included. From easing [...]

Is Weed Delivery A Vast Opportunity For The Cannabis Business?
Weed Delivery – Vast Opportunity In Cannabis Business

In recent periods, the cannabis business has thrived dramatically in size in rejoinder to expanding legalization. Furthermore, a surge of capital from venture capital corporations and other investors also increased the rapid growth of the weed industry. Interestingly, another rapidly growing service in popularity and the weed business is weed delivery services. These delivery services offer people their [...]

The Relationship Illinois Has With Cannabis
The Relationship Illinois Has With Cannabis

There is no doubt that Illinois, as a State, has made significant strides in recent years when it comes to cannabis policies and procedures. The legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana is largely received well and seen as progress due to its health benefits and mass appeal. As thousands of State natives are free [...]

A Fool-Proof Guide To Smoking Cannabis For The Ultimate Experience
A Guide To Smoking Cannabis For The Ultimate Experience

It seems like cannabis is everywhere, and everyone you know is either already smoking it or open to trying it. As dispensaries pop up everywhere worldwide, especially in countries like Canada where cannabis and its products have been legalized for recreational and medicinal purposes, it's never been so easy to get your bud to get [...]

The 6 Best Health Benefits of Cannabis
The 6 Best Health Benefits of Cannabis

As the push for legalization continues, more and more research is being conducted into the benefits of  cannabis. It turns out there are quite a few of them. Here's how cannabis can improve your health, our top six anyway. 1 - Weight Loss For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, cannabis consumption has been linked with a lower [...]

What You Need To Know About Vaping Cannabis
Vaping Cannabis – What You Need To Know About

Cannabis has been around a long time and people are not starting to see it in a completely different light. Of course, there are those out there that still look down on the substance, but that is neither here nor there. Over the years people have been coming up with a variety of creative ways [...]