Peanut Butter Breath Strain Review
Peanut Butter Breath Strain Review

What is Peanut Butter Breath Strain? The peanut butter breath cannabis strain is a mild Sativa dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that is perfect for a beginners experience with cannabis.This strain is also suitable for day time use as it will not leave you feeling tired, so you can keep on working and earning. Some people [...]

Where to buy Double Purple Pie strain in Canada?
Where to buy Double Purple Pie strain in Canada?

What is Double Purple Pie strain? Double Purple Pie is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that brings together the best qualities of sativas and indicas: vibrant energy and creativity, with physical relaxation and pain relief. Just like the good old days, the Double Purple Pie strain has very rich terpene profile and it’s very fragrant. It’s the ultimate [...]

Cannabis Cultivation in Ohio: Is It Legal?
Is Growing Cannabis In Ohio Legal?

  Ohio laws regulate marijuana possession or cultivation, but there is an exemption for medical marijuana. Recreational cannabis seeds in Ohio are prohibited, and growing cannabis on your own is a jailable offense. The law also prohibits methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine, and other related substances. However, there are a series of campaigns and bills that we hope will [...]

Commercial Cannabis Grown
How Is Good Commercial Cannabis Grown?

Commercial cannabis is a multi-billion-dollar industry, with many states implementing some form of recreational and medical marijuana legalization. While the need to understand the different types of cannabis can’t be overemphasized, it’s crucial to use the best growing methods for each type. Nonetheless, one of the benefits of commercial cannabis is that growers can select from [...]

5 Health Conditions That Can Benefit From Cannabidiol
5 Health Conditions Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)

Cannabidiol (CBD) originally comes from the cannabis plant, and it has been used to ease the symptoms of a range of conditions. This is due to the huge anti-inflammatory properties that the substance contains. The numerous health conditions for which CBD can alleviate is becoming widespread, and backed with real science. Unlike weed, CBD only has a [...]

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland
How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland

Pharmaceutical companies create a wide range of drugs in an attempt to address different types of diseases. Even the leading companies, however, do not always succeed in this noble endeavor. Fortunately, nature moves in to fill the void: enter medical marijuana. In the United States, 33 states permit the use of medical marijuana to assist patients [...]

Cannabis Retailers, 5 Ways to Gain A Competitive Advantage

Cannabis retailers offer excellent growth opportunities for business owners, but not everyone can expect to win the game. Some storefronts have long queues in waiting, while others struggle to attract customers. Profits boom for some sellers and others hardly make ends meet. The competition is daunting in states where cannabis licenses are easy to obtain [...]

How To Identify Nutrient Deficiencies In Cannabis?
How To Identify Nutrient Deficiencies In Cannabis?

Cannabis has grown popular in the field of plant-based nutrition. The inclination of people to use Cannabis products is due to their multipurpose properties. On the one hand, it provides loads of medicinal benefits, and on the other hand, they serve recreational functions. From relieving complex psychotic syndromes to aiding skin allergies, they have become [...]

4 Mistakes When Shopping For Bongs
4 Mistakes When Shopping For Bongs

Bongs — to some, they're the pinnacle of marijuana use. To others, they don't have much use.  However, most of the detractors of bongs are casual marijuana users. Bongs improve taste, reduce coughing, filter the air, and provide a smoother high, according to many marijuana experts. Buying a bong is considered one of the biggest milestones to [...]

Top 4 Cannabis Strains to Combat Stress 
Top 4 Cannabis Strains to Combat Stress 

Let's talk about the top 4 cannabis strains to combat stress. With laws and attitudes changing in favor of cannabis use, many individuals have approached the plant as alternative medicine, particularly as a way to combat stress. And it has been used to treat chronic pain such as insomnia and reduce the symptoms of body [...]

Cannabis-Infused Banana Coconut
Try Cannabis-Infused Banana Coconut Pancake

Any food product made with marijuana — either the dried plant material or a concentrated infusion containing cannabinoids, such as Cannabutter or Cannaoil – is considered cannabis-infused food. Cannabis-infused foods may vary from simple Delta 8 edibles to more complicated and even gourmet meals like pancakes, pasta, or roasted veggies, available on dispensary shelves. Other recipes leverage the [...]

Is Delta 8 THC Synthetic
Is Delta 8 THC Synthetic?

Cannabinoids such as delta 8 THC have been growing in popularity, especially in the United States. It offers a milder high and is classified similar to CBD, including in legality in most states. However, there are also questions around whether it's synthetic or natural. With the dangers that have risen from synthetic THC, it's normal [...]

Cannabis Etiquette In The New Normal- 5 Rules You Must Follow
Cannabis Etiquette In The New Normal

5 Rules You Must Follow Cannabis consumers have come a long way since its legalization in the country. They are far more confident and aware of the health value of these products. Moreover, the education around storage, dosage, and safety has increased. But the pandemic has changed the consumption etiquette significantly as the focus is beyond [...]

How To Get The Best Start With Your Cannabis Concentrates Journey
Best Start with your Cannabis Concentrates

How To Get The Best Start With Your Cannabis Concentrates Journey If you are a cannabis regular, you will probably want to try it in every form. The truth is that you can expect to be spoilt for choice as there are endless options to explore. Think beyond the flower, and you can see the whole [...]

Nutrient Deficiencies in Marijuana
Nutrient Deficiencies in Marijuana Plants: The Ultimate Guide

The secret to growing big marijuana plants isn't really that big of a secret anymore. All you need is to provide the plant with enough light, the right climate, the right amount of water and nutrients. Under these conditions, marijuana bushes will be healthy, able to fight most pests and diseases. When plants are not fed [...]