Decarboxylation After Extraction: What Is It And Why Is It Important?
Decarboxylation After Extraction: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

 If you are familiar with Phyto-cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, here’s an interesting piece of information for you. The raw cannabis plant doesn’t actually contain significant levels of these molecules. Instead, these plants contain the raw acid precursors to these cannabinoids. Even though the raw compounds are also being researched for their effects, the [...]

O2VAPE Flip Ultra CBD/THC Vaporizer Review
Flip Ultra CBD/THC Vaporizer by O2VAPE – A Review

Over the years, we’ve reviewed hundreds of vape devices. From stealthy pen pod mods, to five(!) battery boxes, we’ve run the gamut of vape design. This, of course, includes pocketable, unassuming units designed for THC oils. While it’s not our primary focus here at Spinfuel VAPE, we nonetheless appreciate how a little THC vaping can [...]

industrial weed Common Myths and Truth About Cannabis
Common Myths and Truths -Industrial Weed and Marijuana

For many years, a prevailing attitude towards hemp has been based not on facts but on emotions. Hot debates about the difference between industrial weed and marijuana have been taking place for many years. This article is intended to clarify what is a myth and what is reality. Background Info Botanically, the genus Cannabis is composed of [...]

Guest for health and wellness routine. - Seven Ways You Can Incorporate Hemp Oil In Your Lifestyle
Incorporating Hemp Oil In Health and Wellness Routine

Many studies have proven that hemp oil can be an important addition to your health and wellness routine. This has led to the increased popularity of hemp oil globally. People from all walks of life are incorporating it into their daily routines. Health and wellness companies are not far behind as they have come up [...]

10 Health Benefits of Cannabis Seeds
10 Health Benefits of Cannabis Seeds

Apart from recreational and medicinal purposes, cannabis seeds can be used to enhance one’s health. Research has revealed that these seeds are highly nutritious as they are rich in proteins and minerals. So, here are the top 10 health benefits of cannabis seeds that you should know. Enhance Digestion Cannabis seeds contain both soluble and insoluble [...]

A Closer Look at The High Times Cannabis Cup
A Closer Look at The High Times Cannabis Cup

All hail Steven Hager. We thank you. And if you’re a smoker of cannabis, you should too. You see, Steven Hager (for those who don’t know) is an American writer, journalist, filmmaker, and counterculture and cannabis rights activist. He’s also the editor of High Times magazine, and the founder of the High Times Cannabis Cup [...]

What We Need to Know About the Cannabis Flower/Bud and How to Use It
What We Need to Know About the Cannabis Flower

What We Need to Know About the Cannabis Flower/Bud and How to Use It - Though new technologies are coming into the limelight to help manufacturers design multiple products that could deliver the benefits of cannabis, smoking the flower or bud continues to be the most preferred and common way of consuming cannabis all across the [...]

Vape News from Spinfuel VAPE
Montana Health Department’s Flavor Ban

Oh Montana, a state that used to pride itself on self-reliance, freedom, and so much more, are now living with a temporary flavor ban despite the fact that flavored vapes have absolutely nothing to do with the Vaping Illness. We're not wrong, the fact that the CDC has identified the culprit of these illnesses and [...]