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The Rincoe Mechman Mod Starter Kit Review

Intro for the Rincoe Mechman Kit Let me come right out and say it – Rincoe got the naming wrong for their all-new Mechman Mod Kit. For starters, this isn’t a mechanical (mech) mod – it’s a fully regulated and protected 228-watt vape mod kit, with all the modes and features we’ve come to expect in [...]

Think Vape Thor Pro 200W Mod Review
Think Vape Thor Pro 200W Mod Review

Talk about surprises! When I unboxed the all-new Think Vape Thor Pro 200-watt box mod, I immediately assumed this was just another lightweight, cost-cutting mod designed to be more stylish than satisfying. Well, I hope I don’t need too much ketchup to eat all this crow, because the Thor Pro has been a fantastic surprise [...]

Pioneer4You IPV V-IT Mod Review
Pioneer4You IPV V-IT Mod Review

Okay, we’re a little late to the party here, with some of our compatriots reviewing the IPV V-IT as far back as November 2018. But better late than never, right? [ED: Wrong] After wondering if we were ever going to see another mod enabled with a YiHi chipset, we finally got our hands on the [...]

The Sigelei Fuchai VCIGO K2 RDA Mod Kit Review
The Sigelei Fuchai VCIGO K2 RDA Mod Kit Review

Apparently, Sigelei has to meet an annual quota for new mod designs, because its latest – the Fuchai VCIGO K2 RDA Mod Kit – is another amalgamation of design elements, built around its proven Fuchai core chipset. We’ve reviewed a lot of Sigelei devices over the last six months, to varying levels of success.   The VCIGO [...]

Vaporesso Revenger Kit Review - Spinfuel Vape Magazine

Why so angry, Vaporesso? You’d think the venerable vape mod company would be happy, considering it just released its first entry into the growing 200+ watt marketplace – and a decent one, to boot, the new Vaporesso Revenger! Instead, we get a “tough” sounding name for a polished, streamlined kit, that mostly does what its [...]