Honest Vapes - Is it Time To Debate Electronic Cigarettes?
Honest Vapes – Is it Time To Debate Electronic Cigarettes?

If you are looking towards the electronic cigarette industry today with fresh eyes and a totally impartial view, how would you see the way the sector is progressing and what it has to offer you? Can we truly expect honest vapes, or would most non-vapers be influenced by the mass media (which has not been [...]

Pascal Culverhouse - Big Tobacco and E-Cigarettes
Big Tobacco And E-Cigarettes – A Good Thing?

Are Brands of E-Cigarettes Owned by Big Tobacco Companies a Good Thing? An increasing number of e-cigarette brands are owned by Big Tobacco. Over the past few years, cigarette companies have either bought out existing e-cig brands or have created their own. This includes Vype — owned by British American Tobacco (BAT), the same company that [...]

The Evil of Regulated Profit ? Julia Hartley-Barnes Spinfuel eMagazine
FDA Motivated by Power and Profit

Does It Even Matter If Electronic Cigarettes Are Safe?  Not really, no.  Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs or e-cigarettes, is a bona-a-fide success story for millions of former smokers all over the world. They are a very popular alternative to smoking tobacco products, aka analog cigarettes. (in Vape-Speak) And soon, what's left in the wake of [...]

Anti-Vaping Spreading Fear

Anti-Vaping and Anti-Vaccinators: Spreading Fear at the Cost of Public Health While using electronic cigarettes isn’t the same as being vaccinated against a serious disease, there are some comparisons that can be made between anti-vapers and anti-vaxxers. For both vaping and vaccines, there has been a widespread misinformation campaign against the American public. Although long ago [...]

Keys to the (Vape) Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom by Beth Neuling Too often I see people turn their noses up at vaping, saying "it just doesn't work". It makes me sadder than a dog with no bone because the statement can actually be translated to one of three truths: 1) "I'm not ready to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes." Yes, folks. Most vapers [...]

Who Do You Trust? Is Vaping Safe?

Who do you trust to tell you whether vaping is safe? The vaping industry has grown from a relative niche market at the turn of the century to one which will turnover in excess of $2 billion in the US alone during 2015. Initially ignored, ridiculed and then overrun by politicians and those with a vested [...]

Big Tobacco’s War On Vaping Devices

What's Really Going On Behind The Scenes? There has been speculation for some time now that the big tobacco companies in America are looking to influence state authorities, regulators and the federal government. The ongoing popularity of electronic cigarettes and the various vaping devices available today has made a major dent in the finances of the [...]

BT Flexing Muscles in NY

Are tobacco giants flexing their muscles in New York? While controversy and confusion are never too far away from the electronic cigarette industry, the situation in the state of New York has the potential to sound the deathknell for eliquids. In simple terms, an act has been put forward for the state of New York authorities [...]

Who Called Off The Dogs of War Against the Electronic Cigarette Industry?

Have the Dogs of War really been called off, or is just the beginning of a much darker time for the electronic cigarette industry? Mark Benson Over the last couple of years the electronic cigarette industry has been under enormous pressure, has been ridiculed, been dismissed and then finally the dogs of war were let loose to [...]

Will Tobacco Companies Kill An Alternative?

Is this the first time tobacco companies have tried to kill an alternative? It was only just a few months ago that the tobacco cigarette industry was looking to crush electronic cigarettes, stop them making it to the mass market and maintain their control over the smoking industry. If we fast forward a few months, the [...]

Will Big Tobacco Miss the Boat… Again?

"Cig-A-Likes will become a stopgap product" While tobacco companies were insisting that electronic cigarettes were nothing more than a fad, or a minor fluke at best, comprised of lousy technology, bad tasting eLiquid, and no organization or infrastructure in place, hundreds of thousands of Americans, and untold numbers of smokers in other countries were leaving behind [...]

Tobacco Cigarette Companies Lost Control

... of the electronic cigarette market If we look back to the turn-of-the-century the electronic cigarette market was miniscule, a very niche arena and one which received very little in the way of attention from the mass media. Indeed, in the early days the number of electronic cigarette users was very small and very few experts [...]

UK Minister Joins Fight Against Electronic Cigarettes
UK Minister Joins Fight Against Electronic Cigarettes

Minister Mark Drakeford is Against Electronic Cigarettes Despite the fact there are millions of people around the world who enjoy e-cigarettes it seems that politicians are joining the fight against the ever-growing popularity of these relatively new devices. UK Health Minister Mark Drakeford is the latest high-ranking politician to cast scorn and controversy upon the vape industry. [...]

Collusion, Lies, and Corruption

File under: Corruption We’ve all seen the headlines by now: “Scientists warn that e-cigarettes might pose new health risks…” “10 Ways E-cigarettes Will Steal Your Spouse And Kick Your Puppy…” “E-cigarettes Linked To Carcinogens, Jackalope Attacks…” “Anti-Smoking Groups Claim Link Between Electronic Cigarettes And Cancer Of The Everything…” But while we’ve all seen the headlines, we’re not the ones those headlines [...]

Unlucky Strike – What Big Tobacco May Mean For Vaping

Subject: Big Tobacco If there's one thing you can count on with a nascent industry with a similarity to an older, more entrenched one, it's that the big movers and shakers of the preceding industry are going to do one of two things: beat 'em or join 'em. So we should feel a sense of relief, I [...]