The Best Vape Mods of 2019 (so far…)

We just completed a great breakdown of the best starter kits for 2019 (so far), but that list didn’t necessarily contain what we feel are the best vape mods of the year. Sure, there’s some crossover here, but the distinction here is that the following list isn’t about value and barrier to entry, just pure [...]

Our Premier Best Mid-Wattage Vape Mods for 2018 – SPINFUEL VAPE
Best Mid-Wattage Vape Mods for 2018

Fresh off our comprehensive overview of the best maximum-wattage mods, we’re back to pass a little more positive judgment. Because, while breaking down the big boys was fun, most of our readers own mid-wattage vape mods – those 150-250-watt devices that offer users the perfect balance of power and portability, usually in a dual-18650 cell [...]

High Wattage Soaring Through the Clouds with the Best 250+ Watt Vape Mods
Best High Wattage (250W+) Vape Mods

Have Vape Mods hit their upper limits? Based on how many new low-to mid-wattage Mods are still coming out each year, it would be easy to assume just that. But, while mid-wattage devices make up the majority of store shelves, some seriously powerful 250+ watt Vape Mods have hit the streets during that same span. And [...]