Will The World Turn Against Vapers?
Will The World Turn Against Vapers?

People have been smoking cigarettes for hundreds of years. And  within the space of ten years we have seen smokers bullied, vilified, and marginalized. Today  being a smoker is more akin to a social disease than a pleasant pastime. Is the same thing going to happen to vapers? Will the community, governments, and the media [...]

Vaping Hobby or Vaping Addiction
A Vaping Hobby or a Vaping Addiction

There is a huge debate topic today, whether vaping is considered a hobby or an addiction. Defining vaping, it is the process of converting substances into vapor using an electronic device known as vape or vaporizer that is chargeable and refillable with e-juice, wax concentrate, or dry herbs. Vaping has been a practice even before [...]