Augvape VX217 Mod Kit Review by Spinfuel Vape
Augvape VX217 Mod Kit – Better Than Average – A Review

 Much like the engine that inspired previous Augvape mods, the VX217 is meant to be lean, streamlined, and free of nonsense. In that sense, Augvape’s latest delivers. It’s not a forward-thinking vape device, and it has one major flaw in the box. So, if this one caught your eye, definitely keep reading to see if [...]

Augvape VX200 Vape Mod & JEWEL Tank Review

Disposable – not exactly the most popular word in a world gone green. But leave it to the vape industry to carve its own path. The all-new Augvape VX200 kit is a shining example of this, with a unique disposable sub-ohm tank system in place… and sadly, a bit of a disposable feel to the [...]

The VTEC-styled Augvape V200 200W Box Mod Preview by Spinfuel VAPE
The VTEC-styled Augvape V200 200W Box Mod Preview

If 2017 was the year every company added a speedometer-styled display to their vape mods, 2018 might see a new trend – mods shaped liked engines themselves. And the first notable entry? The VTEC-styled Augvape V200 box mod.   To the naked eye, the V200 is another oddly designed vape device. To the motorheads in our audience [...]