It’s been quite a year for asMODus. Some ups and downs, to be sure. But all is forgiven thanks to the latest entry in the awesome Minikin series. So, when asMODus revealed the new Tribeaut (nice pun, guys) was based on the same usability traits, I was excited. And after using it, I’m still PRETTY [...]

asMODus Minikin 3S Starter Kit Reviewed

The asMODus Minikin 3S Kit Oh what a difference a day makes. Just hours after writing about my time with the interesting but iffy asMODus Ohmsmium 24, the company sent us another mod kit to review – the asMODus Minikin 3S. And it immediately washed away any lingering bad tastes from the last go-round. Yes, we just [...]

asMODus Ohmsmium 24 80W Box Mod Review - Feature Image
asMODus Ohmsmium 24 80W Box Mod Review

Intro and Specs for the asMODus Ohmsmium 24 When I heard I was getting a new single-18650 asMODus device to review, I got excited, assuming they another gorgeous stabilized wood mod was coming my way. So, imagine my surprise when the Ohmsmium 24 80-watt box mod arrived. It’s still a looker, for sure.   And it still has [...]

Asmodus Amighty 2X700 Mod Kit Review Feature Image
AsMODus Amighty 2X700 Mod Kit Review

All HAIL! Sorry, folks, but my inner Viking got a hold of me for a minute. Maybe it’s because I saw some old school heavy metal the other night. Maybe it’s because I still wish Thor never got fat in “Endgame.” Or maybe it’s because the bold, authoritative Asmodus Amighty is my new favorite mod [...]

asMODus Dawg 25mm RTA Review BY SPINFUEL VAPE
The Brilliant asMODus Dawg RTA Review

The AsMODus Dawg RTA Review - With all the gear we get to test, my workspace looks more like the set of “Breaking Bad” than it probably should. And a good chunk of that space is filled with replacement coils for sub-ohm tanks. So, with so many replacements available, why would anyone bother building their [...]

asMODus Pumper-18 BF Squonk Box Mod Review
asMODus Pumper-18 BF Squonk Box Mod Review

With so many new technological advancements being made (or at least attempted) in the vaping industry, I have to admit that it’s a little difficult to get excited about an unregulated, mechanical squonk mod. But the asMODus Pumper-18 caught my attention early and maintains it to this very day. And to be honest, I don’t know [...]

asMODus Pumper-18 BF Squonk Box Mod Preview
asMODus Pumper-18 BF Squonk Box Mod Preview

Given the recent resurgence in the Squonk Mod marketplace, it was only a matter of time until a company tried to improve on the basic mechanics. And that’s exactly what’s happening with the all-new asMODus Pumper-18 Squonk Box Mod, available right now at Element Vape. I won’t lie – the idea of a more-advanced squonk mechanic seems [...]

The Intriguing AsMODus Lustro 200W Touchscreen Mod Preview by Spinfuel VAPE
The Intriguing AsMODus Lustro Mod Preview

When is a touchscreen mod not a touchscreen mod? When it’s the unique, intriguing AsMODus Lustro 200W touchscreen mod. Because, after a few hours of quality time with this new dual-18650 contender, we’re still not entirely sure what type of device this is supposed to be.   But that’s not to say we haven’t enjoyed our time [...]

asMODus x Ultroner Luna Stabilized Wood Squonk Box Preview
asMODus x Ultroner Luna Squonk Box Preview

Stabilized wood and squonk mods are two of the biggest trends in vaping right now, and asMODus has married the two in a collaboration with Ultroner, resulting in a beautiful device known as the Luna Stabilized Wood Squonker. But trends don’t necessarily make for good vaping – just ask the countless touchscreen mods that never made [...]

asMODus Voluna RTA Full Review

The front of the asMODus Voluna RTA  ($36.95 at Element Vape) box is fairly nondescript, except for one notable inclusion: “For professional use only.” By a show of hands, how many vapers reading this qualify themselves as “professionals?” Odd terminology, for sure. While I’m obviously kidding around, and realize that asMODus is simply trying to ensure safety on [...]

asMODus Oni 133W DNA200 TC Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
asMODus Oni 133W DNA200 TC Review

asMODus Oni 133W DNA200 TC Box Mod  When first researching the Player Mod, the information was inconclusive across several websites, and rather confusing to me as to who exactly created the device. Some are calling it the Player Box Mod while others the asMODus Oni 133W Box Mod. The device is the asMODus Oni Edition 133W [...]

AsMODus Silvanusa 70W TC Stabilized Wood Luxury Mod Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
AsMODus Silvanusa Stab Wood Mod

AsMODus Silvanusa 70W TC Stabilized Wood Luxury Mod Review The market for luxury vape gear is growing, but it is far from a large segment of the industry. A great many people buy vape gear when it goes on sale, with coupon codes, and/or enter giveaways as the only viable way to obtain more gear. However, [...]