What do you know about rapid detox for the treatment of opiates?
What About Rapid Detox for the Treatment of Opiates?

People suffering with opioid addiction usually suffer a lot of challenges to achieve a successful detox and once again become clean, successful human being. Discontinuation of opioid abuse often results in serious discomfort associated with withdrawal symptoms. Minimize the pain and discomfort of detox, you get a much higher success rate. For many of these patients, [...]

Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal
Can Kratom Help With Opiate Withdrawal

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is an evergreen tropical tree from Southeast Asia that can be used for many medicinal and daily lifestyle benefits. Indigenous people have been using kratom for thousands of years for multiple purposes such as but not limited to energy boost, treating diarrhea, coughs, fevers, sexual enhancement, and pain relief. One of the [...]

How Tramadol, Marketed as Safer Opioid, Became 3rd World Danger
How Tramadol, Marketed as Safer Opioid, Became 3rd World Danger

With concerns over the prescription opioids addiction in the United States gaining increasing attention, some medical professionals have proposed the use of Tramadol as a safer opioid. A number of medical researchers have even promoted the use of the drug as a safer opioid. Others have even promoted the drug as an effective treatment for the [...]

Vaping Hobby or Vaping Addiction
A Vaping Hobby or a Vaping Addiction

There is a huge debate topic today, whether vaping is considered a hobby or an addiction. Defining vaping, it is the process of converting substances into vapor using an electronic device known as vape or vaporizer that is chargeable and refillable with e-juice, wax concentrate, or dry herbs. Vaping has been a practice even before [...]

Veterans And Vaping Spinfuel eMagazine
Veterans and Vaping

Veterans And Vaping “We may not be able to keep our brave soldiers safe on the battlefield, but we can certainly provide our veterans and soldiers with a much safer way to enjoy smoking.” – Julia Hartley-Barnes - 2016 I remember way back in 1972, February 1972 actually, the US government held a Lottery for the drafting [...]

Addiction Without Consequences: Let’s Push The Underwood Theory
Addiction Without Consequences

Addiction Without Consequences Let’s Push The Underwood Theory If you don’t know who Francis Underwood is, stop reading this, go to Netflix, and watch House of Cards. You’re welcome. If you do know who Francis Underwood is, he said that in Season 2, when Claire gets mad at him for vaping in his bedroom, thinking he was [...]

Bizarre claim: eCigarettes, Cocaine and Pot

eCigarettes could lead to cocaine and cannabis use! While there is no doubt that the electronic cigarette industry has been the recipient of an array of bizarre claims and counterclaims, a claim today seems to top everything we have seen before. Scientists from Columbia University, New York today suggest that electronic cigarettes could be a gateway to [...]

Smoking and Vaping - 3800 kids every day!
3800 Kids Try Smoking Every Day

Smoking - 3800 Kids a Day! Wouldn't Vaping be Better? “Each day, 3800 American teens try smoking, and 1000 become hooked to smoking, according to a 2012 Surgeon General’s report. Those who are unable to quit as adults will die, on average, 13 years earlier than their peers.”  – Surgeon General Report 2012 The above statement is an astonishing [...]

The Problematic Reality of the UC Nicotine Ban

Introduction and Recap Last year, the University of California declared that all tobacco products would be banned on its campuses beginning January 1st, 2014. Up until today, January 14th, there had been a lone holdout bucking this overreach: UC Irvine. Quote: Though other schools, including the system's flagship UC Berkeley campus, welcomed the New Year by banning [...]