Award Winning Low Wattage Mods Spinfuel VAPE
Best Low-Wattage Mod Standalone or Kit

Just a couple of years ago huge clouds of vapor was only possible by extreme low resistance coils and high wattage mods. Today the vape landscape looks a lot different. Sure, vape gear manufacturers are still producing high wattage mods. Mods calling for 3x 18650 cells, and we'll most likely see triple 21700 cells in [...]

The Spider-Man Styled Vaptio Wall Crawler Mod Kit Preview
A SpiderMan Styled Vaptio Wall Crawler Kit Preview

The vape industry has come under a lot of fire for copyright infringement these past few years. Usually from shameless lifting of logos and design schemes. So, when the Spider-Man styled Vaptio Wall Crawler mod kit swung onto my desk, it was hard not to think about Marvel’s lawyers lining up to bury this product [...]

Asvape Gabriel 80W TC Stabilized Wood Box Mod Review - Spinfuel VAPE
Asvape Gabriel 80W TC Stab-Wood Mod Review

With all the mods that come through here each week, we see precious few stabilized wood devices. So when one comes in, there’s always a little bit of a struggle to get one. Well, when the gorgeous Asvape Gabriel stabilized wood box mod came in, I lucked out and ended up with the device. (I [...]

PREVIEW: Council of Vapor Voyager 80W TC Starter Kit - SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE
PREVIEW: Council of Vapor Voyager 80W TC Starter Kit

The Council of Vapor Voyager 80W TC Starter Kit is a compact system available, consisting of the CoV Mega Volt 80W Mod and paired with the Voyager Sub-Ohm Tank. This is important just in case some Vapers might think that the “Voyager” is a new box mod, when in fact it is the Tank that goes [...]

WISMEC Sinuous P80 Mod A Full Kit Review

The latest mod/tank combo from the partnership between WISMEC and Sinuous is the attractive and afford Sinuous P80, a single 18650 cell, 80W, TC mod with the ELABO Mini Sub-Ohm Tank (2mL). Featuring a centered 510 connector and side view OLED display, this spec’d out mod has been a delight to use. However, the same can’t be [...]

Vaporesso Nebula 100W TC Box Mod Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Vaporesso Nebula TC Box Mod Review

Vaporesso Nebula 100W TC Box Mod Review I admit it; I am a little disappointed in the Vaporesso Nebula. Well, maybe not so much disappointed, but I feel the design of the Nebula was phoned in. The photos I’ve seen before our shipment arrived made the Nebula look futuristic and ultra-modern, but ultimately it turned out [...]

eLeaf iPower Review – SPINFUEL EMAGAZINE eLeaf takes a new direction with iPower
eLeaf iPower Review

The Brand New iPower by eLeaf A new direction with the eLeaf iPower Primarily known for its line of iStick and iJust devices, and they have delivered some of the best mainstream mods at affordable prices for a long time now. So, when the totally new, handsome as hell, the eLeaf iPower mods arrived at Spinfuel HQ everyone, [...]