Vaporfi VOX 60 W TC Starter Kit
Vox 60 TC by Vaporfi – Review

VaporFi VOX® 60 TC Starter Kit The thing about buying a vaping instrument like the Vox 60 TC from Vaporfi is that at first glance it looks like you’re spending more for it than other ‘similar’ devices. I get that, and for vapers looking to spend the least amount possible, Vaporfi is probably not the company [...]

GangMod by Fumi Vapor

GangMod Fumi Vapor $249.99 Buy Direct: Fumi Vapor Grade: B+ We received the GangMod by Fumi Vapor at the end of June. The official review period began on August 12, 2015 and ended August 17th, 2015. The video showing the first time I picked up the GangMod can be found here. Fumi Vapor, the people behind the GangMod, believes that vaping [...]