Famovape Magma Box Mod Review - If resin vape mods never went away, how can they be making a comeback? We may never have an answer, but if the recent glut of them on my desk are any indication, it’s a welcome trend. A few months back, we had the awesome iJOY Shogun UNIV device, [...]

Desire X-MOD 200W & MESHDOG Starter Kit Review
Desire X-MOD 200W & MESHDOG Kit Review

Though I’m not that familiar with most of their products, that’s about to change this week, after Desire sent TWO high-powered vape mods to review. But let’s start with the larger of the two – the Desire X-MOD 200-watt mod kit. This tall, broad, altogether unique-looking vape mod integrates a 200-watt maximum output chipset, that offers [...]

ThinkVape Thor 200W Box Mod Review Spinfuel VAPE
ThinkVape Thor 200W Hammer-Wielding Mod Review

I’m starting to think soft-coated plastic is the future of the vape industry. Even though we’ve all tried our share of heavy-duty aluminum and alloy devices, it seems like more people are getting into the more-creative color palettes available with plastic. Kind of like what we saw on the ThinkVape Thor 200W vape mod – [...]

Sigelei Snowwolf MFENG Mod Kit Review
Sigelei Snowwolf MFENG Mod Kit Review

I really want to be a fly on the wall for vape product naming meetings. Between all the “PRIV” mods and “Pico” mods I review, I’m starting to wonder what all these Chinese manufacturers are using for inspiration. And now you can add “FENG” to that list, too… even if Sigelei’s latest, the Snowwolf MFENG, [...]

Sense Linked Vape Arrow Mod Kit Review by Spinfuel VAPE
Sense Linked Vape Arrow Mod Kit Review

In most of our reviews at Spinfuel VAPE, we commend companies for keeping things simple, cutting through the noise, and delivering a top-quality vaping product. It’s not that we don’t like advancement – we very much appreciate it when it enhances the act of vaping. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case with the new Sense [...]

Modefined Lyra 200W TC Box Mod Review

The Modefined Lyra 200W TC Box Mod has become one of my favorite Mods since the day I began using the Amber colored model. The Lyra arrived in the same shipment as our stock of SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince tanks, and after opening the Amber Lyra and one of the Baby Prince tanks, they just [...]