This whole “vaping” thing doesn’t really need to be difficult, does it? Yet, most companies still try to build a better mousetrap in the name of convenience. This usually makes things more complicated than necessary. And that might still be the case with the new YiHi SX Auto Squonk Pod System . Which now introduces a “no squeeze,” 100% auto-detected squonk system.  But no one can argue how well it works along the way.

SX Auto by YiHi A Squonk Pod System

Before we start, let’s address one thing — we’re only calling this a “pod system” because that’s what the company calls it. Other than that, there’s nothing here resembling a pod mod, other than size and wattage output.

So there’s that… and here’s the official word.

Elegant - YiHi SX Auto Squonk Pod System Review“The new YiHi SX Auto Squonk Pod System, a new automatic squonking vaping pod kit, combining an impressive 1400mAh rechargeable battery, ESS Driver Technology, and presents itself in a fusion of form and function to create one of the most advanced pod mod kits to hit the vaping market segment.

Crafted with high quality workmanship and materials. The YiHi SX Auto Starter Kit embodies everything that YiHi stands for. This amazing little device implements a striking visual design that will capture the attention of the eyes in a heartbeat.

30W with the SX685J Chipset

Equipped with the advanced YiHi SX685J chipset, the SX Auto Pod Kit can reach wattages of up to 30W with ease, dependent on the firing mode.

Featuring an Auto Mode that is ideal for beginner vapers, the DIY Mode is reserved for those that are more seasoned in the art of vaping and building, allowing for usage of the YiHi SX-RSA, the rebuildable squonking atomizer option, unlocking a single coil option that can be tailored and fine tuned to the user’s preference.

No Guessing


In addition, the ESS Driver Technology can detect the remaining level of eJuice in both the atomizer at the top and reservoir at the bottom. Holding up to 3.5mL, the reservoir is completely sealed when installed to eliminate any possibility of leaky juice that could otherwise ruin a vaping session.”

YiHi SX Auto Squonk Pod System Features:

  • YiHi SX685J Chipset
  • Dimensions – 81.8mm by 48mm by 20.3mm
  • Integrated 1400mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Wattage Output Range: 10.5-30W
  • 3 Power Modes – P1, P2, P3
  • Temperature Range: 180°-260°C / 356°-500°F
  • Auto Mode
  • DIY Mode
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Intuitive Firing Buttons
  • Two Adjustment Buttons
  • OLED Display Screen
  • Auto Squonking ESS Driver – Electronic Spray System
  • Adjustable Pump Speed
  • 5mL Refillable Reservoir – Replaceable Container
  • PETG Plastic Reservoir Construction
  • YiHi SX Auto Pod Series
  • 4ohm SS316 Atomizer
  • 8ohm SS316 Atomizer
  • SX RSA – Rebuildable Squonking Atomizer
  • Dry Hit Protection
  • Low Battery Protection
  • No Atomizer Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • MicroUSB Port
  • Available in Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, Carbon Black, Carbon Gunmetal


  •  SX Auto Device
  • 0.2ohm SX-ADA Atomizer
  •  0.8ohm SX-ADA Atomizer
  •  MicroUSB Cable
  •  User Manual
  •  Warranty Card

Replaceable Coil Head YiHi SX ADA ()
Rebuildable RBA YiHi SX RSA ()
YiHi SX Reservoir

Aesthetics of this SX Auto Squonk Pod


We won’t lie, the SX Auto is attractive for such a small device. Even after you regain consciousness from reading the price tag, you’ll wonder why you’ve been using such low-end looking mods before this one. From the real carbon panels to the bomb-proof zinc alloy chassis, all the way to the seamless build quality throughout the SX Auto, there’s nothing that doesn’t exude class.

Coil - YiHi SX Auto Squonk Pod System ReviewFor a supposed “pod” device, the SX Auto is sizable, to say the least. While it’s roughly the height of a credit card, the mod is dense, but in a reassuring way. While it might not sit in a shirt pocket like some lesser AIO devices, the SX Auto slides easily into a pocket, while its weight still reminds you it’s there.

Same Exquisite Quality from YiHi

As we mentioned, the build quality is top-tier, and that includes the side-mounted adjustment buttons which are stiff, clicky and responsive. While the ridiculously small OLED display doesn’t quite grab your attention, it does what it needs to for a 30-watt device, with a bright, clear readout of the vitals.


Our only concern — and admittedly, one that hasn’t presented an issue yet — is the bottom-loading plastic juice reservoir, which doesn’t sit flush with the rest of the device’s footprint. That said, we haven’t experienced any issue with the mod tipping, either when filled or empty, so it might just be an optical illusion.

Vaping the YiHi SX Auto Squonk Pod

YiHi SX Auto Squonk Pod System Review - PodOkay, so looks aren’t really the selling point here. The SX Auto is named for its proprietary, computerized auto-squonk feature, which claims to automatically detect the juice level in the reservoir, as well as within the contained “pod” atomizer. A bold offering — and one that takes a LOT of control away from the user — but definitely an evolutionary step for the format.


And you know what? It works pretty damn well! My editor and I remain the two biggest skeptics in the Spinfuel VAPE offices, and both of us had a real “yeah, right” attitude about the SX Mini. And we had to eat a little crow when our testing was done. Because, by and large, the mod does what it says, delivering solid, consistent vape quality, not to mention a lot of safety protection from the advanced YiHi chipset under the hood.

It’s in the YiHi SX685J Chipset

The specs above can give you most of the story, but basically the chipset can tell when a coil is getting a little dry, and when the juice reservoir is emptying. This protects users from dry hits, coil burnouts and possibly damaged devices, while also keeping the vaping going for a good long time.


510 - connector - YiHi SX Auto Squonk Pod System ReviewThe integrated 1,400mAh battery works well enough, but as you can expect, the constant chipset activity — detection, auto-spraying of the coils, adjustments, etc. — means you won’t be getting a full day of use from the SX Auto. This technology is definitely an “always on” proposition, and the battery performance suffers for it.

SX Auto Delivers Measured Shots?

But that ESS auto-spray DOES work well, delivering measured shots of e-liquid to the coil whenever needed. Only in the most extreme cases of chain vaping caused dry hits, and those were definitely not normal use cases. When employing the SX Auto in more-normal usage patterns, the system works well.

Gold - YiHi SX Auto Squonk Pod System ReviewBoth of the included coil heads are sub-ohm builds, but don’t be fooled into thinking the SX Auto is a cloud chucker. Instead, consider this an MTL mod with restricted lung hit capability at higher wattage/temp settings. Also, keep in mind that these contained heads aren’t the longest-lasting atomizers on the market. They taste great when fresh, but go south after a few days of use, which is a black mark on an otherwise enjoyable experience.

SX Auto Pros:

  • Stunning looks and build quality
  • Innovative auto-squonk system
  • Leak-proof, high-quality performance

SX Auto Cons:

  • 1,400mAh battery is a little weak for all this technology
  • Coils don’t last very long
  • Tank reservoir is a little small and doesn’t sit flush

Bottom Line


There might be other “auto-squonk” vape mods on the market, but none with the technological pedigree of the YiHi SX Auto. And it shows. With a surprisingly advanced chipset, high-performing squonk ability and a stunning attention to detail, the SX Auto is about as luxurious as a supposed “pod mod” can be.


While there are a few things we’d change (including the price of entry) we can’t deny just how innovative and enjoyable the SX Auto was across the board.


Score: A-