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Summer is in full swing and for most of us that means the heat is, too. Whether you’re just starting out with vaping, or consider yourself a veteran, it’s still important to consider the outcomes the season can have on your summer vaping experience.


In this article, we’ll cover some crucial tips to help make your vaping more pleasurable during the hot days of summer..

Summer Vaping – What You Need to Know

How the Heat Affects Your Vaping

Leaving your vape pen and e-liquid in your car is where most heat damage will occur. Because cars in the summer can reach nearly 200 degrees, you need to be careful.


So what will you need to watch out for?


If you do plan on keeping your device in the car, try to keep it below your seat or side pocket. The hottest location in your car is the dashboard, so avoid this location at all times.


Summer Vaping and Battery Damage


Forgetting about your vape pen in the car can expose the batteries to high temperatures which could completely ruin your vape pen. The heat can make it so your vape pen batteries don’t hold as much charge because the heat causes battery fluid to evaporate, which then damages the internal structure of the battery.


To avoid battery damages, try storing your vape pen in a safe area of your car, such as the center console, in a travel case, or just avoid leaving it behind whenever possible.


Summer Vaping and E-Liquid


Batteries aren’t the only thing at risk in the heat. E-liquid’s must be stored in cool areas to avoid the corruption of the flavor and appearance.


If your e-juice is left in the heat, the flavor and color can actually change. This is due to certain ingredients in e-juice that are sensitive to sun rays.


Vegetable Glycerin is a vegetable-based byproduct that is actually used in a number of drinks and foods. When VG heated, it turns into a new substance and can result in flavor change. Fortunately, this temperature is much hotter than most cars will ever get, however, the compound will start to break down and separate under cooler temperatures. Once this happens, there is return.


Other e-liquid ingredients, such as PG, will also breakdown when introduced to extreme heat. So it’s a good idea to just keep your e-liquid stored in a cooler area.

Summer Vaping Flavors Can Help

Has it been a while since you’ve changed vape juice flavors? Well summer is a great time to experiment with some refreshing flavors that will help you keep cool in the heat.


Fruity flavors are always a great pick for hot temperatures. Not only are fruit in season at the grocery store, but also in your vape pen. Any frozen fruit type will be a great way to start, such as the Shajin Frozen Berries. Frozen flavors provide that crisp edge on top of the refreshing fruity taste.



You can also keep your sweet tooth satisfied by exploring the various candy flavors of e-liquids. Candy King is a great brand that specializes in sweet flavors that also add a touch of nostalgia. Swedish on Ice, Batch on Ice, and even Worms in Ice all incapsulate beloved childhood treats such as Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, and more.


If you can’t decide on a sweet flavor, there are plenty of sample boxes that are always fun to try.

Preparing For Adventure

Now that you know to keep vaping gear safe from the heat, and which flavors to try, you can start preparing your kit for emergency adventures.


Summer calls for being outdoors, camping, beach days, and much more. If you’re a vaper, you’ll understand the need for packing essential gear to help keep your adventures running smoothly.


Keep Your Vape Pen Protected

You may want to take your vape pen along with you while you’re camping or near the water, but before you head into action, consider how the elements can affect your pen.


Dirt and water can easily ruin your pen. By keeping your vape pen in a carrying case, you can protect your device against the elements and easily store your e-liquids.


Extras Go A Long Way

Even if you’re prepared for travel, forgetting something as small as your charger can ruin vaping for the whole trip. That’s why having an emergency bundle is essential for any vaper.


Be sure to include an extra charger, vape juice, and even extra batteries.


Don’t Forget About Your Coil

While sugars in your e-juice can negatively affect your coil any time of the year, in the summer sugars can start to caramelize, which can lead to awful taste. Luckily, all you have to do is replace your coil more frequently and avoid flavors with high sugar additives.

Increase Your VG Ratio to Avoid Tank Leakage

Heat can cause your tank’s rubber seals to shrink slightly, which can make it more prone to leaks. To avoid unnecessary leakage, use higher VG ratios which is less likely to thin out due to heat exposure. However, it’s also a good idea to replace your tank just as summer starts, to prevent future leaks.


Summer is all about being prepared and taking extra steps to ensure a good summer vaping experience. Don’t let your vape pen and juice get ruined because of the heat.