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So, why am I sticking to online gaming? I have other better options like an Xbox or heck, even my computer games right? Why do I love online gaming at all? That’s what many of my friends ask me, and what I would like to answer below.

Why am I Sticking to Online Gaming?

The New Trend of Online Gaming

There was a time when you could only download video games on your desktop and then play it. But now you don’t even need to go through a download or installation process after the birth of online games. You just visit the game website and play the whole thing through your browser- it’s easy, fun and super convenient. And with good internet speeds today, you have no worries. You could actually play them right on your smartphone, which makes it super convenient for me.

Today I will tell you why I find it more pleasing to play online games like many other gamers out there!

I can Relax and Relive Stress

Not just me, but a whopping 80% people play online games to relaxv and des-stress, according to a survey! That makes sense because, like I just said you can use your laptop or mobile and play the game instantly without any hassle.

Also, most of the online games are not so serious like desktop games. So you can just come home from a hard day’s work and relax playing a game which doesn’t need you to invest your already tired mind that much!

online gaming insertA Great Companion during Travel

We are longer limited at home with the rise of mobile devices and high speed cellular internet like 4G. We can now play games anywhere anytime we want- and that’s what I do during those boring hours of traveling in bus and trains.

Again I’m not alone in this-37% people in the survey we mentioned above do the same thing- they play online games when they travel.

Opportunity to Compete against Other Players

Playing alone is not that fun when you can easily compete with other players online. You can prove your talent against players from different parts of the world united through online gaming.


Many gaming websites have an active community of gamers who have become good friends and play together or against each other all the time.

I don’t need any Special Hardware

You generally don’t need a high power GPU or processor for playing online games. All you need is an internet connection and you can even use your iPad to play online.

I don’t have to invest in anything and don’t need to carry around my laptop just to enjoy a game of 8 Ball- I just use my smartphone and hit the cue ball.

Not everybody is looking for serious gaming even though there are lots of games online which could keep you busy for months if not years. So if you like a quick and easy game to feel relaxed, online is the way to go.

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