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After Too Much NyQuil John Makes A Video

If you are expecting an actual review you will be disappointed… so avoid that disappointment and skip this one. However, if you’re interested in seeing two takes of the same “review/demo” that made all of us at Spinfuel laugh like crazy, then you’ll enjoy it. John is in rare form here (Wednesday April 15th) because he is fighting a cold and took way too much cold medicine. Forgetful, more than usual, stumbling, and funny, we spliced the video together to form this entertaining vid. When we saw the footage we even talked John into doing the final edit under our suggestions.

In the video John looks at the Starre Tank from Freemax and the Matrix Tank from High Voltage. Both are good tanks, but each has “issues”, which John tries to talk about. Also, out of nowhere, John drags in some talk about the SMOK XPro M80 Plus (in Take Two).

This is the real John Manzione, as usual, with just a bit weirder than usual. We hope you enjoy it. In fact, we hope you help share this video with your friends. Why? Because to know John is to embrace John, even when hegulps down a bunch of NyQuil. 🙂

Dave Foster

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