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Julia Barnes, well-known Stock Photographer and magazine writer, as well as the head Admin at XtremeCamera (since 2003), joins Spinfuel Magazine today, April 2nd, 2012.

Julia has worked with the Manzione’s for several years, and with several projects, and when asked to relocate from Boston to Florida (expenses paid!) Julia jumped at the opportunity.

“XtremeCamera experienced a dreadful “denial of service attack in late 2011 that had has offline for almost a month.” Says Julia. “We worked around the clock to eliminate the malicious code implanted by one of the PHP coders from North Africa that was hired in 1999 to build the unique code that supports the interactive abilities in XtremeCamera. Well we lost massive amounts of data XtremeCamera is back online and more secure than ever. It was time to come down to Florida and assist our newest venture, so I did. So far, I’m loving the weather, the water, and all the models that are dying to work.”

Julia Barnes will take charge of coordinating our reviews in the eCig and other markets and will guide our current staff on producing top-notch reviews. “Right now our reviews are running much too long. You don’t need 3500 words to review anything, so this will be my first priority. We have talented writers, good people, who simply need to learn how to trim their reviews to a length where we don’t lose the reader. It won’t take long.”

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John Manzione and Julia Barnes – Back together again, in Florida!

And what about XtremeCamera? Julia says that she will maintain the job description and continue to act as the head Administrator since we’ve moved our data to a central server that we own and operate. “Business was good in Boston for the Stock Photos but I’ve been there for years. My stock images for the tropical market is very weak, I will have opportunities I never dreamed of living here in Stuart. Stuart is an old, sleepy coastal town with some great architecture and gorgeous models, both male and female. This is going to work out just fine. Besides, being able to work side by side with the Manzione boys, especially John, is something I have been looking forward to for a long time. John’s been down here for TWO YEARS now, it’s a blast seeing him daily once again.”

As to the future content of Spinfuel, Julia has this to say; “Look, obviously the eCigarette market is exploding. Hell, I’ve finally ditched nasty paper cigarettes and began ‘vaping’ myself (Julia’s choice? Green Smoke, see her first review here). We will definitely continue on with getting a handle on the eCig market and help promote the best products, but I look forward to doing more with digital photography obviously, because the content can be cross published with XtremeCamera, as well as finally being able to work with Michael’s wife on Movie, Music, Books, and other entertainment reviews, interviews, and more. Spinfuel’s tag line, as of April 1st, has changed to “Reviews and opinion on things we love” and that about sums it up. If WE love it you can expect us to talk about it.

Julia has already published two articles, one for Green Smoke and one about her love affair with the new Apple iPad HD, and is working on several others, including some rather serious subject matter. “There is a dark underbelly to the eCig industry, I’ve learned that much already. The entire planet looks to China for manufacturing just about everything we use or buy, but when it comes to consumables we need to keep an eye out. For instance, I’ve already discovered that one of the 3 plants that manufacture e-juice (the liquid used in modern Cartomizers for eCigarettes) was shut down in 2011 for months because of contamination. Yet, no one knows about it and no one knows if any American brands were affected. They have since reopened and its now old news, but when and if things like this happen again I want Spinfuel on top of it as soon as possible. No one needs to get sick trying to kick the tobacco out of their lives.”

Julia Barnes is known to be a tough as nails, and a bold and brave seeker of the truth. She will bring new life to Spinfuel, and most of all she will be the guidance the Manzione’s need, they trust her instincts, they trust her advice.

Things just got a whole lot better.

Tom McBride for Spinfuel Magazine