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Element Vape
A Starre Tank – Matrix Tank Video Review

After Too Much NyQuil John Makes A Video If you are expecting an actual review you will be disappointed... so avoid that disappointment and skip this one. However, if you're interested in seeing two takes of the same "review/demo" that made all of us at Spinfuel laugh like crazy, then you'll enjoy it. John is in [...]

Jack And John Show Episode Two

Jack And John Show Continues.... The Jack and John Show is brought to you by the partnership of Spinfuel eMagazine, https://spinfuel.com and Ave40 wholesale suppliers, https://www.ave40.com --- Here it is, episode 2 of the Jack and John Show! In this episode we are joined once again by the one and only Smokenjoey! We open the show discussing the [...]

The Arctic Tank Review Part One

A Cold Open Video Review - Arctic Tank  Part 1 This video looks at the overall features of the new Horizon Tech Arctic Tank, but focuses on the 0.2-ohm coil and its performance. Working together with Smokenjoey, his video will be comprehensive, and will focus on other aspects of the this tank, including the the ,2-ohm coil [...]

The Artisan Collection by Vaporfi

The Cold Open Reviews The Artisan Collection This episode of The Cold Open is rather long, but with good reason. Vaporfi has released a new, uber-premium eliquid collection, called the Artisan Collection. Six very different (from each other) eliquids that will sure to please the most fussy vaper. Not all flavors will appeal to all vapers, [...]

Will Cohen From Vape A Vet – Video Interview

John Manzione Talks To Will Cohen About The Vape A Vet Organization Dear readers and viewers, One of the best charities in the vaping community is the Vape-A-Vape organization. Helping soldiers  any way we can is something every citizen should want to do. They (our soldiers) are on the front line of keeping America safe, and as [...]

Aspire ESP And The Arctic Tank

.... The Arctic Tank and Aspire ESP... This is a different sort of video, made as much for vape shop owners and online vendors as it is for vapers wanting to know more about the Arctic Tank or Aspire ESP Box Mod. There are many Chinese wholesalers, and it's difficult to find a good one, much less a [...]

The Cold Open – Logic Pro Is Crap

Logic Pro eCigarettes Are A Disaster I was about to trash this video… I mean, who wants to watch a video of me talking about lousy products, right? So, I walked away from the review, had some lunch and thought about it. I decided to go ahead and scrap together what I could and build the [...]

Kanger KBox – First Look!

The Cold Open And The Kanger KBox THE COLD OPEN PRESENTS… The Kanger KBox. A somewhat inexpensive box mod. The Kanger KBOX uses of an aluminum chassis for a lightweight and durable experience. It's compact, and kind of stealthy so you can take it and use it just about anywhere. The KBox feels comfortable in your [...]

NEW! Jack And John Show – S1 E1

The Jack And John Show Culture, Conversation, Vaping Season One - Episode One In the Pilot Episode of the Jack and John Show we had a Giveaway for a Kanger Subtank, the Original, 6ML Subtank. Today we will announced the WINNER of that Giveaway. A person who has subscribed to both the Spinfuel Video Channel and the Av40 [...]

John & Jack Show – A New Spinfuel Pilot & Subtank Giveaway

Watch The Spinfuel Pilot Episode - Win A Kanger Subtank This is the pilot episode of a joint venture between Ave40, one of the most honored wholesalers (and retailers) in the vaping industry, and Spinfuel eMagazine, the most widely read online vaping publications, for a new show called "Jack and John, Vaping and Conversation". While there is [...]

eLeaf iStick 50 – A Review

The Cold Open Reviews The eLeaf iStick 50 The eLeaf iStick 50w is the latest box mod in the eLeaf iStick series of variable wattage mods. Power (wattage) output can be adjusted from 5 to 50 watts  or 2 to 10 volts. It has an internal, self-contained 4400mah battery that can be recharged via the USB [...]

Kanger Subtank Mini and Nano Winners Announced

Kanger Subtank Mini and Nano Giveaway Winners Announced. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER. STAY TUNED FOR MORE GIVEAWAYS. Last Friday we had a giveaway for a brand new KANGER Subtank Mini and Nano. Today we announce the winners of that giveaway. Watch and video and see if you are one of the winners. If you are, contact us [...]

The Ultimate ePipe – VIPR Holmez Review

The VIPR Holmez Review A Cold Open Video Review   The company VIPR has released a series of hi-tech, ultra high quality e-pipes and other vaping devices that will make your jaw drop. The Holmez is just a great looking ePipe that it just had to be seen in a video. We're also doing another fantastic giveaway, this time [...]

The Vision Vapros Nunchaku & Subtank Nano Review

Vision Vapros Nunchaku VW Battery Review Video Supplement At The End Of This Review Sometimes our vapor-filled world becomes so small and confining that we forget there are literally hundreds of devices for vaping on the market at any one time. Yet, when a product becomes the most talked about, the one that more YouTube videos are [...]

The Cold Open Giveaway Winners

The Cold Open Giveaway Is Over. Ten Winners Are Chosen The Winners have been chosen and verified to have entered correctly. As much as we would love to award everyone that entered that just wasn’t doable. So, we chose the ten winners, then John asked that we draw ONE MORE Entry, as a bonus winner. A [...]

SMOK XPro M50 (M65W) – Video Review

The Video Review For The SMOK XPro M50 Smok XPro M50 has just been updated to 65watts, effective immediately. We review the 50w device we obtained from Ave40, but we pretend it's the 65w... why not? So sit back and enjoy another episode of The Cold Open with John Manzione, publisher of Spinfuel eMagazine. And remember, if [...]