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Spinfuel Giveaway PageAs the most popular and trusted vaping online magazine, our giveaways are sponsored by ourselves, with vape gear we purchase. Why do we do this? That’s easy; sometimes we see a product that we love so much we can’t wait to put some of them into our reader’s hands. Nothing brings a smile to the faces of our entire staff like an email from a winner telling us how much he or she loves the gear we sent them. In a very real way, Giveaways are the lifeblood for the vaping industry.

Vapor Authority Newsletter Giveaway

The Recent Newsletter Signup Giveaway sponsored by Vapor Authority has concluded. Don’t worry, there will be a new one very soon.

Here are the list of Winners for the previous giveaway:

1st – Tony Sarcone

2nd – Karen Ladue

3rd  Sheldon Robertson

Past Giveaways

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