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We Don’t Need A Spinfuel eLiquid

In my last “Fun with Concentrates” I talked about an e liquid flavor I wanted to pursue. A concoction of chocolate and coconut that I would call “Heaven in the Dark”, and how I would offer this eLiquid to readers in a Limited Edition fashion, with fancy packaging and whole bit. Apparently, many people thought that Spinfuel was going to go into the e Liquid business. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is true that I am working on an e liquid recipe that I hope will one day become the best chocolate/coconut e liquid on the planet. It is also true that I would like to share it with Spinfuel readers by selling a certain number of 5ML bottles at cost and a certain number of 30ML bottles. Where I think I went wrong in my explanation was how I had zero plans on selling more than 50 bottles every 3 months, with a cut off of 100-150 bottles.

The line that was cut from the last column read something like this; “..and I are thinking that batches of 50 bottles will co. 50 bottles every 3 months until I reached 100 or 150 bottles sold. Beyond that we change the core of Spinfuel eMagazine and that is something I am not willing to do.

That line was cut because it sounded, well, phony. The whole “change the core” bit didn’t ring right with me, so I cut it out and left the idea hanging. I shouldn’t have done that. It was stupid.


In the time that has elapsed from the publishing of my last column and this morning I’ve received dozens of emails from readers, vendors, and even a couple of e liquid companies asking me if I was serious about a line of Spinfuel e Liquids. Apparently the idea of a Spinfuel line of juice isn’t as crazy as it sounds. The only problem is that none of us have any interest in doing it. Ever! We also have no interest in licensing our name to anyone else so that they can create a line of e liquids with the Spinfuel name.

Going Public

The reason why I decided to address this publicly is because a rumor was started that implied an impending release of Spinfuel e Liquids, and before it got out of hand, or went mainstream (vape community mainstream anyway) I wanted to go on record to say that it will not happen as long as I am the President of the company and major share holder.

Spinfuel is an online magazine, and the ambition for Spinfuel runs no further than maybe, perhaps, one day, after a real economic recovery, Spinfuel might become a “print” magazine. With print magazines converting to digital magazines in droves and more and more print magazines folding completely, the actual chances of Spinfuel becoming a publication that will be sent to you physical mail box is getting smaller and smaller. Though, converting to a digital, interactive magazine that would be available on iTunes, Amazon and Zineo, is still a real possibility… at a certain point. Beyond our desire to build the biggest, most successful vaping magazine, there is nothing. We know where we belong, and that is in the publishing business.


For decades I have always created things by way of “projects”. If I decided to create a series of magazine covers it would become a ‘project’ (1995-96) . If my aim were to write a column for a major magazine it would become a ‘project’ (1998). This Limited Edition e Liquid called “Heaven in the Dark” is simply another ‘project’, with a beginning and an ending.

True e Liquid artists, like the ones we deal with almost daily, are extremely talented individuals with an almost magical intuition for flavor. Creating even a single e Liquid flavor that could hold a candle to any of them is pure fantasy. A man’s got to know his limitations… – Dirty Harry – Magnum Force


I am continuing to work on my chocolate and coconut flavor, as a project, and if I ever do get it to taste like I imagine it then I will create a 100 bottles with some wicked cool packaging and I will try to sell them to recover the cost I invested in the project. But once that is done, it will be done. Even if I wanted to do otherwise there’s no way I could put up with the stress of creating, marketing, and selling eLiquid. It isn’t me, and it certainly isn’t Spinfuel.

Believe me, I am honored that anyone would be interested, at any level, in something I would like to create. It makes me feel great that someone would spend his or her hard earned money on something I made. But this, if it happens at all, is a one-off project. A lark. An inspiration. A dare. An achievement.

If I led anyone to believe otherwise I deeply apologize. Sometimes I can get overly excited about something and my imagination runs wild. But that’s all it is…imagination.

John Manzione