Last Updated on March 13, 2016 by Team Spinfuel

Official Spinfuel T-ShirtFor 7 days we put up a poll asking our readers if they would want a full-blown forum on Spinfuel. Not to siphon off forum posters that participate on the wonderful forums already established in the vaping community, but rather like having another outlet to talk about vaping and the products involved with vaping. The poll questions were simple; Yes or No.


The results were an overwhelming ‘Yes’ (although the number of people that responded was way lower than we expected) so we’ve gone forward to the “Spinfuel Discussions”. We hope we can provide that additional outlet for active vapers who want to hook up for like-minded people.

The First Couple on the Dance Floor

Like everything else in life, most people don’t like to go first. Why bother registering for a new forum when there’s nobody home? Who wants to bother taking the time to begin a discussion when there is no one there to help it along? We get that. We feel the same way.

There comes a point in every dance where there are enough extroverts on the dance floor, dancing away, that the introverts join in too and before you know it you have a party. We need to get the party started!

Spinfuel Discussion Giveaway!

We’ve decided that perhaps one way to get that first couple on the dance floor would be to make it worthwhile. If we can get even 20% of the loyal readers of our original content we would be on our way to building an active and healthy forum. We could either play the waiting game and hope that the extroverts among us slowly begin to file in, register, and post under a few topics, create their own topics, and reply to the few posts that are there. Or we could run a cool giveaway to get the introverts to come out and play.

What will it take?

In order to entice enough of you to register and post, we’ve decided to giveaway three (3) great prizes to three (3) great people who help goose the rest of the readers to begin dancing. In addition, we’re going to pick 20 random posters from the Discussions and award them with some great eJuice from some of our friends in the eJuice business. All said, 23 people over the next two weeks will win prizes and all they need to do is join the forum and post.

Every time you post you’ll receive one (1) entry in the contest. You can be very lucky and post once and win a great prize, or you can post 100 times and get 100 chances to win a great prize. It’s up to you to decide what your odds will be in winning.

What say you?

Enter today, start posting, and here’s what you can win:

  1. An Apollo eCigs Superior eGo Kit – A brand new eGo that uses CE4 Clearomizers. The kit is superb, check it out here. We’re giving away 3 of these great kits.
  2. 20 Winners will receive a selection of eJuice from either Ginger’s eJuice, Mountain Oak Vapors, The Plume Room, Alice in Vapeland, The Vapor Girl, or a few other great eLiquid creators.

How To Enter:

This is the easy part; sign up and begin posting to the Discussion forum. Each time you make a post you earn 1 entry. At the end of the Giveaway period, 14 days from now, we’ll tabulate the posts and run it through RaffleCopter to choose the winners.

If you’ve posted 25 times your username will be entered into RaffleCopter 25 times, if you post 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 100+ that’s how many entries you will receive.


We will pick 3 usernames that will receive the Apollo eCigs Superior eGo Kit. Simple and easy. For those 20 usernames that will win the eLiquids we will do the same thing. So it is possible that some of you could win more than once.

We’ve also added some extra ways to earn entries, so your chances to win one of these great prizes are even better.

The Giveaway Starts Tonight at Midnight! The Discussions menu link or the Discussions graphic on the left sidebar will get you there.

Let’s get the party started and build a great Discussion forum.

Oh, and just one more thing; your comments must be decent comments, not posts like “This is a comment”, or other such tomfoolery. That’s fair, isn’t it?

Julia Barnes

UPDATE: We’ve just learned that we will be adding Prizes to this giveaway! So stay tuned, and join the discussion!