The Cold Open – John & Jacob Show Off Some Upcoming Products & Reviews

John’s office is undergoing a remodel, to make it more conducive to video production, and adding a level of comfort while we’re at it, but as is our usual luck, the remodel was not finished, but the show must go on. 


Joining John this time out is the official Spinfuel Mascot, and John’s best friend, Jacob. We’re being told that Jacob steals the show….we’re not surprised, the personality of a Scottish Fold is not to be reckoned with. So, sit back and watch as they reveal the new SMOK XP Pro, new Aspire and Vision products, the newest box mod by “Heatwave” called The Defender, and a whole lot more. An entertaining, and often funny video, this 15 minute show is also the catalyst behind our first major giveaway of the year. – Enjoy!

The Cold Open Video

Publisher of Spinfuel eMagazine, John Manzione, has taken to YouTube to deliver some unique, often amusing video dialogs that talks about certain products and whether he believes it a product worthy of your disposable income or not. Nearly every new product comes across our desks before they hit the vendor shelves so John feel’s its his job, along with ours, to give you as much honest information as possible so that you are as fully informed as you can be before you order the product. Don’t be fooled by slick packaging, or even slickly produced videos by certain reviewers that earn money for every purchase you make. Spinfuel, and The Cold Open,  is not affiliated with any company and our loyal is with you, the Vaper. Look for new Cold Open videos right here in Spinfuel, or on Youtube. Subscribe and never miss another one.