Last Updated on May 18, 2020 by Team Spinfuel

As one of the fastest growing and most regularly enjoyed habits around today, vaping is slowly but surely working to overtake smoking entirely as the preferred personal form of smoking. If you are looking for a way to enjoy vaping, experience better vaping, then it pays to invest a bit of time and effort into the right products and styles. Because not all liquids are the same.


With that in mind, here are some simple but effective tips to help you make sure that you can get a better vaping experience. It’s almost certain to deliver an excellent, more satisfying experience to improve your lifestyle.

Make Sure You Don’t Buy Cheap

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they go for the cheapest option they see in a store. Much like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Instead of buying a vape and eliquid for a few bucks in total, it’s better to invest a little bit more. Think of it as the equivalent of buying a high-quality brand of cigars or buying a big pack of cigars for a couple of quid. The difference in taste and in quality is almost immediately recognisable for most people.

Instead of settling for second best, buy a quality vape and the top selling eliquids you can find.

Better Vaping – Start high, go small


If you are an ex-smoker of cigarettes, one thing you might suffer with when it comes to your vaping experience is the nicotine levels. It’s like when you take your first sip of alcohol-free beer – you notice the difference immediately!

We recommend that anyone who is new to the art of vaping looks to make their own life easier by using something that is quite high in nicotine content to begin with. Just ask any ex-smoker and they will tell you the same!

Buy some high-power e-liquid and you can slowly but surely wean yourself off the stronger stuff. For early satisfaction for an ex-smoker, though, starting on a higher strength of nicotine could be the right solution if you wish to produce enjoyable results. You can always dilute it down with low-strength liquid if you find it too strong – it won’t go to waste. You’ll find your level soon enough.

Better Vaping – Don’t Vape like you Smoke

One of first rookie mistakes new vapers make is trying to vape like a cigarette smoker. If you draw hard on a cigarette you will pull more smoke, but this doesn’t happen when vaping. This can feel frustrating and unsatisfying, until you get it right. What you have to do is to forget how you smoked a cigarette, and learn how to vape like a vaper. You’ll need to make longer, slower puffs, and then you’ll notice how enjoyable it can be.


Get the Right Taste


As well as getting the correct quality of eliquid, you absolutely should look to make a wise investment in the taste as well. Unlike a cigarette you aren’t going to be stuck with one single taste style. New vapers can feel like they’re a kid in a sweet shop because the choice is almost endless. The wide variety of flavours allows you to find a flavour, may be through trial and error, that might be more suited to your style – something sweet and fruity, or something rich and tangy. We won’t even go into the possibilities when you consider blending your own flavours, so that’s for another day.

Really, the options are entirely yours to pick from. Have a think about it and see what taste(s) you would like to enjoy the most. Vaping is far more fun with the right kind of taste!

Better Vaping – Storing E-Liquid

A common mistake that lots of people make is that they leave their eliquid sitting in the wrong environment. Light exposure makes a big difference to the flavour profile. Make sure you leave your eliquid sitting in a dark place for a few days, or better yet a few weeks. This helps to add to the richness of the flavour, allowing you to really notice the difference.

When you next shop, then, buy a few bottles and leave one or two of them in a dark room for a few weeks. Try both one after the other and you’ll be sure to notice a massive difference and taste in profile!

Keep these in mind, and you should have no problem enjoying vaping as much as you are supposed to. It’s a lifestyle choice, so better to do it right!