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Vapinski Reviews Murica Vapor

I’ve seen the sun a few times this week!! I also managed to take a short trip to Niagara for ECC/VPX over the weekend. GroupWhat a true showcase of talent at this big event!! My palate was in overdrive!! I have so many SUPER vendors on the way and this week is no different! This week I want to shine a spot light on another up and coming vendor, Murica Vapor-the creators of SNOZZberry Ejuice. The owners have been involved with various hobbyists and other vaping companies for two years and decided they wanted to make their own mark in the vaping world. They wanted to do something different and create a line based off of one base flavor. The name Snozzberry came about randomly when discussing the wonderful berry flavor amongst family and friends. All of the products are USA sourced and mixed in a clean room/sterile lab environment.

Now, I’m a dripper when I do these reviews-so keep that in mind. I’m running this in a Doge RDA and a coil build of .3ohms. The Gator Box shown in the photos is the device of choice for all of these flavors. It does them perfect justice in my opinion. YUM!! Let’s talk JOOOSE…

Snozz Berry

Berry“Murica Vapor’s signature flavor Snozz Berry tastes like freshly picked ripe magical berries previously undiscovered in nature, indigenous only in Murica. One taste of Snozz Berry will keep you coming back for more!”

Snozz Berry is a very nice berry flavored vape. There is just a lot of flavor going on from start to finish! On the inhale I get the nice, sweet strawberry flavor and it has hints of other berries dancing in the background. The flavor continues full swing throughout the exhale. If you are into the berry vapes, this is a must try in my opinion. Snozz Berry is a very smooth vape with great vapor production and a mild throat hit.



Snozz Crème

“Murica Vapor’s Snozz Crème tastes like delicious magic berries, coated in a sweet and smooth crème. It’s the perfect Creme and Strawberryblend for an all day vape! One taste of Snozz Crème will instantly satisfy your sweet tooth.”

Snozz Crème is a nice creamy, smooth vape that just rolls off my taste buds. The wonderful flavor of the Snozz Berry blend has been kicked up a notch with the addition of a rich cream. On the inhale, a lovely strawberry flavor hits my palate first and then the rich cream swirls in to make it a delightful combination! I get more of the cream in the exhale, but that doesn’t bother me one bit! I love rich smooth exhales! The vapor production is good on this blend as well and throat hit is mild.

Snozz Gort

“Murica Vapor’s Snozz Gurt is a creamy, balanced yogurt infused with a handful of their freshest Snozzberries. It’s a refreshing flavor that will tantalize your taste buds!”

Gurt StrawberySnozz Gort is a delicious take on a strawberry flavored yogurt. The inhale is creamy and has a hint of yogurt that is blended well with the berry flavor. The exhale is full of silky clouds that are just as flavorful as the rest of the vape. Snozz Gurt reminds me of eating a spoonful of a creamy, whipped strawberry yogurt!! There is a great vapor production and nice throat hit.

You can purchase these fine eLiquids at They retail for $11.99 for the 15ml size. They come in 0,3, or 6mg of nicotine. The blend is a 60vg/40pg blend. You can follow SNOZZberry Ejuice on Facebook or on Instagram @snozzberry_ejuice. Snozzberry is a great solid line that you need to check out—especially if you are a berry lover!!!



My ratings are as follows:

Snozz Berry: 4.5/5 stars

Snozz Crème: 4.5/5 stars

Snozz Gurt: 4.5/5 stars