Last Updated on September 19, 2017 by Team Spinfuel

Although I’ve only been using the new Snowwolf Vfeng 230W Box Mod for about a week, maybe a little more, I’m not quite ready to render a verdict on it, hence the Preview in the title. But, I am loving the design of this thing, and the oh-so-cool OLED display. This mod is one spectacular looking mod, but I’ve talked with others that found the “robotic” shape a little hard to hard in the hand for long periods of time.

If you’re the type of Vaper that prefers the smooth curves and rounded edges of mods like the iPV8 or other smoothly shaped mods, then maybe the Vfeng is not for you. It’s unique, robot design is ultra-modern, and full of bells and whistles.


About the SnowWolf Vfeng


The SNOWWOLF Vfeng 230W TC Box Mod is an innovative mod with a big 1.30〞TFT square screen that lays out a wealth of information in a logical, yet ‘advanced-tech’ fashion.

The Vfeng 230W is powered by dual 18650 with a maximum output of 230W. The Snowwolf Vfeng 230W will appeal to users that like their mods to show some elegance, yet with power and performance at the ready. So far, the Vfeng 230W TC Box Mod by Snowwolf seems to be a top of the line vaping device, yet not expensive at all.

Element Vape carries the Snowwolf Vfeng for just $59.95. When I first saw a picture of the Vfeng on Pinterest I thought I was looking at a mod in the neighborhood of $150 or so.

Available colors are Black, Yellow, and Blue.  I own the black model with the brass-like non-removable sides. Next, I’ll pick up the Blue one.

Official Description of the SnowWolf Vfeng

The SnowWolf VFENG 230W TC Box Mod is set to enter the futuristic, high-performance mods segment in spectacular fashion, deploying a futuristic structural chassis with a robust display technology and light-up LED functionalities.


The SnowWolf VFENG features a high-quality Zinc Alloy and Stainless-Steel frame with futuristic lines and robotic design elements to create a visually stunning device. The epicenter of VFENG lies within the 1.3 Inch Touch-Screen (?) OLED Screen, providing intuitive user-friendly UI with intuitive display along with multiple arrangement for a dynamic display experience.


The LED light-up feature located on the back of the device behind the SNOWWOLF logo cutout is fully customizable, offering a spectrum of vibrant colors. Powered by the SnowWolf series latest chipset, the VFENG is capable of 10 to 230W of output, multitudes of settings, and comprehensive temperature control suite.

Under temperature control setting, it has Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) adjustment, a proprietary technology to adjust resistance of a wide range of heating elements to different ranges. Driving the entire system are two high-amperage 18650 batteries (sold separately), accessed via hinged battery door cover. A sensational presentation of one of the most aggressive and futuristic structure in the industry with sophisticated output technology, the SnowWolf VFENG 230W TC Box Mod is a sought-after performance device.

My Say – For Now

So far, I’m enjoying the Vfeng quite a bit. Still haven’t figured out a few things, so I can’t give it an honest score yet. It would be easy to tell you that this fantastic looking mod is definitely worth having, but we here at Spinfuel don’t play like that. Look for my review is another week, after I’ve given it a real workout.

SnowWolf Vfeng Specs and Package Contents

SnowWolf Vfeng Specifications:

Material: Zinc Alloy+SS
Screen:1.30〞TFT color screen
Watt Range:10-230W
Battery:High drain 18650*2
Support atomizer resistance:0.1-3.0ohm
Support color screen changing
Color: black. Stainless, yellow


SnowWolf Vfeng Package Contents:

1x SnowWolf Vfeng box mod
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual