Smoque Vapours  – The Sequel

Hand-crafted – High VG Dripper Line – Part 2

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

The last time we reviewed Smoque Vapours we reviewed just two flavor blends, a tropical fruit blend called Acango (A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner) and Pom Straw, a pomegranate and fresh berry blend. Today we are thrilled to bring you a 4-flavor review. Once again, these four flavors come from the Smoque Vapours Dripper Line.

About eLiquid Hand-Crafted by Smoque Vapours

Smoque Vapours uses only the ‘purest combination of natural ingredients’. Spending more time with these eliquids has solidified our opinion that the Dripper Line is made with top-shelf ingredients. Smoque Vapours doesn’t use artificial flavors. The Dripper Line is a high VG blend that produces no off-tasting flavors, but they do produce plenty of vapor.

Smoque Vapours use a slow extraction and distillation process to produce their eliquids. It is a time-consuming process, but the results prove how effective this process is.

Starting at $9.99 for 15mL, and maxing out at $49.99 for a huge 120mL bottle, these premium eliquids are worth the cost. However, due to the nature of most High VG blends, unless you are just testing these eliquids we recommend buying the largest size you can afford. High VG blends in a high wattage, low ohm vape environment will disappear faster than you want them to. Wanting to vape some Chai Nilla and finding out you don’t have any more can be very disappointing.

 Vape Gear for This Review

We are in the process of reviewing the new Atom Vapes ceramic coils, so we thought we would introduce these new coils with this review. Atom Vapes has created a line of “medical grade” ceramic coils for a number of Sub-Ohm tanks, so we vaped these blends with ceramic coils and the native coils of various tanks. All four of us used the iStick TC100W mod, one of the most affordable devices with ample power and state-of-the-art features, including adjustable wattage while in TC mode.

The Dripper Line Review – Part 2

Chai Nilla – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Smoque Vapours – The Sequel Hand-crafted – High VG Dripper Line – Part 2“Rich and creamy vanilla combined with the bold taste of chai will erupt your taste buds with flavor.”

Julia: 5.00 – Last year I mentioned how great it would be if an eliquid brand would attempt to recreate the Vanilla Chai Latte sold through Dunkin Donuts. As far as I know it’s still a pipe-dream of mine, but Chai Nilla comes very, very close.

Chai Nilla is a sensational Chai blend with plenty of sweet vanilla notes. Definitely an all-day-vape, I managed to spend the first day of this review vaping an entire 30mL bottle. (Really) I just didn’t want to move past this magnificent flavor, and no matter what tank/coil I was using, ceramic and traditional Kanthal, the flavor never tired, and my satisfaction never wavered.

You can expect a sudden burst of Chai on the inhale, and a smooth Chai/Vanilla riding on the molecules of the enormous vapor clouds on the exhale. After deciding to stay with Chai Nilla I began deep lung hits and slow exhales in order to savor every moment.

I used Atom Vapes 0.9-ohm ceramic coil in a Kanger Subtank Mini, and a Horizon Arctic V8 equipped with the Quad2016 Spinfuel Choice Award Winner V4 0.5-ohm coil head. Both delivered the same great flavor, but the vapor production went to the Arcticbut not by that much.  Flavor Score: A+

Tom: 5.00 – As an all-day-vape Chai Nilla hits every possible angle. Long lasting flavor, immense vapor, and a deep satisfaction that comes from vaping a substantial eliquid blend. I’m definitely adding this one to my rotation.

Chai Nilla starts off with an unfamiliar Chai note but finishes with a beautiful mix of Chai and sweet vanilla. The only other Chai blend I’ve had in the past year came from Vape Dudes, their Chai Latte, a sweet “latte” and Chai flavor. Chai Nilla comes at the Chai flavor a bit differently; the Chai flavor is not masked with a latte blend so you taste it more clearly. Only during the exhale do you get the genius of the blend of Chai and vanilla. It’s a cleaner flavor than Chai Latte, which is why it has a better all-day-vape profile.

Using Atom Vapes 0.9-ohm ceramic coil in the Aspire Triton 2, and with my Zephyrus V2 equipped with the 0.3-ohm coil head, I found both to work admirably toward providing enormous flavor and unbelievable vapor.  Flavor Score: A

Jason: 5.00 – I find it a little difficult to describe this particular blend of Chai and vanilla. I thought I knew what Chai tasted like, being a huge fan of Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Chai Latte (when we are all in town together, Kiera brings them in every morning), but the flavor here was not the same. Delicious, yes, but different.

So I did what any serious eliquid connoisseur would do, I paid a visit to a New Age-y coffee house in town and purchased a cup of real Chai tea. And there it was, the natural Chai flavor, or as close as it can be, and that immediate flavor in the Chai Nilla eliquid was instantly recognized. On the huge exhales Smoque is able to let loose a very satisfying blend of real Chai and a sweet, clean, vanilla. A new all-day-vape for me, Chai Nilla has earned a spot in my rotation.

For this eliquid I used the Atom Vapes ceramic coil inside a Triton 2 and traditional Kanthal in a Subtank Mini. Flavor Score: A+

Kiera: 5.00 – I have a problem with Chai-anything. It began a couple years back when Julia and I first met and we used to go all around Boston hitting up all the little spots Julia used to go to before Florida. Now, Chai is a part of my everyday life, morning, noon, and night. Smoque would have to really screw up this blend for me not to love it. Happily, they created a perfect blend of Chai and vanilla, and now it has to be part of my daily rotation, even replacing coffee more times than not.

Our team uses the word “clean” often, when we taste any flavor that is pure, unadulterated, and sits above any other flavor in a multi-flavored blend. I need to use that word here as the Chai and the vanilla both provide clean flavors, the Chai on the inhale and the Chai/vanilla on the exhale. So, at first, the flavor that comes at you is all Chai, but with a deep lung hit both components meld into one charming blend that deeply satisfies.

Using Atom Vapes 24ct gold plated ceramic coils in a Kanger Subtank Mini and the Uwell Crown equipped with the dual coil 0.25 coil head returned an incredible amount of flavor and vapor.   Flavor Score: A+

Honeydew – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Smoque Vapours – The Sequel Hand-crafted – High VG Dripper Line – Part 2“Fresh ripe melon bursting with sweet flavor.  This rich e-liquid is sweet without being cloying, and provides a very refreshing all day vape. Available in regular and the Drip Line of e-liquids”

Julia: 5.00 – In all the hundreds of reviews I’ve written in the past 4 years I’ve never seen a High VG Honeydew blend before. Oh I’ve seen honeydew used a part of a blend before, many times actually, but never as a standalone, singular flavor. After spending time with Honeydew by Smoque I don’t understand why others haven’t done the same thing.

This Honeydew eliquid is fantastic. The pure, but deep and sweet, honeydew flavor greets on the inhale and exhale, providing one magnificent and magical experience. What Smoque has done gives me, and others, a real and satisfying honeydew eliquid that lasts the entire day.

If you like the authentic flavor of honeydew melon than you will adore this eliquid. But if you don’t, then do not bother with it. Honeydew gives one flavor, honeydew, and it does so better than any other brand.

For this flavor I used the Atom Vapes ceramic coil (0.9-ohm) on a Kanger Subtank, as well as the Aspire Cleito 0.4-ohm2016 Spinfuel Choice Award Winner Clapton coil head. Vapor production goes to the Cleito; the flavor goes to the Ceramic coil Subtank. Flavor Score: A+

Tom: 5.00 – If you were to tell me that I would score a honeydew eliquid 5 points anytime in the past, I’d have told you that you’re crazy. There just isn’t enough honeydew flavor in any flavoring brand I know of. Well, call me crazy because Smoque’s Honeydew is ‘crazy good’.

This is a massive vapor producer, and in each little atom in the clouds of vapor is saturated with a rich sweet honeydew flavor I previously thought impossible. I truly loved every moment with it.

Honeydew is used often in blends that include various ‘melon’ flavors, and there are plenty of people that enjoy these melon flavors, but say they would love them more without the honeydew. If you are one of these people, then you need to stay away for this one. This is all honeydew, and nothing but honeydew, and it is one terrific flavor.

Vaped with Atom Vapes ceramic coil in the Aspire Triton, and a Kanger Subtank Mini with Kanger 0.3-ohm OCC. The ceramic coil beat out the OCC in both flavor and vapor production. Flavor Score: A

Jason: 5.00 – Honeydew is a polarizing flavor. You have some vapers that love it and some that think it has no business being a part of any eliquid blend. Maybe the flavor of honeydew is too distinct to work well with other melon flavors, but alone, and done right, there is nothing like it in the refreshing melon family of eliquids.

Somehow Smoque Vapours has found a way to distill a super rich honeydew flavor and blend it with their superior ingredients to create the best honeydew eliquid I’ve ever known. The flavor is thick with honeydew, and sweet, but clean, making it an eliquid that can easily be an all-day-vape. I’ve never been a huge fan of melon eliquids, until now. I’ll add Honeydew to my rotation as the one eliquid that can cleanse the vapor palette, AND provide a rich melon vape at the same time.

Using the Atom Vapes ceramic coil for the Triton 2 by Aspire and the OCC’s of a Subtank, the flavor was evenly matched. The vapor production on the other hand, was much better with the Atom Vapes ceramic coil. Flavor Score: A

Kiera: 5.00 – I could describe to you from my imagination the perfect honeydew eliquid and this magical Honeydew from Smoque would blow it out of the water. I never thought honeydew could be this good. Sweet, rich, honeydew melon flavor like nothing you’ve tasted before, and the High VG blend creates more vapor than it has a right to. I’m in love with this Honeydew and plan on growing old with it.

I vaped Honeydew with a Kanger Subtank and Atom Vapes ceramic coils, as well as the Aspire Cleito. The ceramic coils delivered more flavor than the Cleito, but the vapor production was slightly better with the Cleito. Flavor Score: A+

Peach Pineapple (Peach Pine)

Smoque Vapours – The Sequel Hand-crafted – High VG Dripper Line – Part 2“This is the e-liquid in our drip line with the most throat it. It rewards you with a sweet peachy inhale and a tart finish with the pineapple.” 

Julia: 4.00 – While I enjoyed the overall flavor of this super quality hand-crafted eliquid, the official description is a bit off. I agree that you’ll get some throat hit, even at just 3mg nicotine, but that peach flavor on the inhale was not my experience.

Pineapple has such a strong influence over any other flavor component in an eliquid that I think Peach just couldn’t break away from it. Even in tropical blends like a Pina Colada, the pineapple flavor suppresses the coconut to the point that you have hunt for it. Same thing here; there just may be a pinch of peach flavor in this blend but the pineapple buries it.

Vaped with Atom Vapes ceramic coil in an Aspire Triton 2, and a traditional coil in a Joyetech Tron tank with 0.5-ohm CL coil head. Flavor Score: B

Tom: 4.00 – I think the entire team had some trouble with the peach flavor being able to play a decent role in this blend. Because of that I don’t think anyone can honestly say it deserves a 5.00 score.

Like the other eliquids in the Smoque Vapours Dripper Line, Peach Pine(apple) does a magnificent job in the thick, flavorful vapor production, but for flavor the pineapple beats down on the peach flavor way too much.

Pineapple lovers will have a lot of fun vaping this blend, especially with a high wattage, low ohm setup. I’m more worried about those that want to see what a pineapple and peach pairing would taste like.

I used a ceramic coil from Atom Vapes with a teal Nebox and Kanthal coils with the Cleito from Aspire. I knew the vapor production would be better in the Cleito, but I was surprised be the improvement of vapor production from the Nebox with the ceramic coil. Flavor was evenly matched, which I expected. Flavor Score: B

Jason: 4.50 – I think part of the problem my fellow team members were having with the peach flavor could be the fault of the way they vape it. Not that I vape any differently, deep lung hits filling as much as the lungs as possible, but here, to catch the peach flavor I figured out that any lung hit had to be slow, or at slower than usual.

Vaping Peach Pine with a slow and steady lung hit allowed my taste buds to grab some of that peach flavoring, and a slow exhale was able to allow an equal blend of pineapple and peach. But, the nature of pineapple being what it is, you will always sense the tart pineapple flavor over nearly every other flavor in any blend, except for menthol or peppermint.

Vaped with Atom Vapes 0.9-ohm ceramic coil in a Subtank Mini, as well as my Freemax Scylla tank. The flavor was deeper with the AV ceramic coil in the Subtank, but the Scylla is also a ceramic coil tank, so the results were very close. The Atom Vapes ceramic coil performed the best at 34-watts, the Scylla ceramic coils took 70-watts.Flavor Score: B+

Kiera: 4.00 – I so wanted to love this peach and pineapple blending, but in the end I just couldn’t get enough of the peach to make it something I would vape every day. There is something all too powerful about pineapple, and I think choosing peach to compete with it was the wrong way to go.

I wouldn’t say that Peach Pine was all pineapple, but the pineapple was, by far, the biggest flavor in the vape. A good eliquid of superior quality, just not as equally flavored as the description tells us.

A choose to use a 2mL Coil Art tank with a .5-ohm ceramic coil by Coil Art, and the always wonderful Uwell Rafale tank. Vapor production belonged to the Rafale, but the flavor was more closely matched, though the Rafele produced more flavor by a smidgen.  Flavor Score: B

Strawberry Milk – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Smoque Vapours – The Sequel Hand-crafted – High VG Dripper Line – Part 2“A sweet vape reminiscent of that delicious childhood drink. This addition to our drip line is sure to be a cloud pleaser.”

Julia: 5.00 – My initial experience with Strawberry Milk was far from satisfactory. I loved the idea of an eliquid that would reflect my love for strawberry syrup in milk, a drink my mom made for me for years. My mom believed, and probably still does, that substituting strawberry syrup for chocolate syrup was a healthier choice. It didn’t matter to me, I just loved the strawberry and milk taste.

So, when I first ‘checked in‘ the bottles and passed them out to the team, I went back to my Boston apartment for a couple of days and tried out this one flavor, I couldn’t wait for the review to officially begin, so I cheated a little. The initial “taste” in a Freemax Starre Pro was the taste of a tart strawberry and nothing more. I was devastated. (Well, not really, I mean it wasn’t a matter of live and death)

About a week later we started the clock on our review. I saved Strawberry Milk for last. I filled up a new mini tank from2016 Spinfuel Choice Award Winner Coil Art, equipped with a Coil Art ceramic coil of 0.5-ohm, let it sit for half an hour. When vaping a new sub-ohm coil, especially a new ceramic coil where you’re not sure of its characteristics, it’s best to start at 20w. At 20w this Strawberry Milk tasted like tart strawberries again, nothing had changed. Then I began working my way up the wattage ladder and when I hit 40w the transformation was instant. All of a sudden I was vaping mom’s strawberry milk! (Nestles Quick Strawberry actually)

nesquik-strawberry-milkThis blend, when vaped at the right wattage or temperature, truly balances that difficult task of adding the flavor of strawberries and whole milk. So, if you’re lucky enough to vape some Strawberry Milk do so with warm vapor, you’ll love it. Flavor Score A+

Tom: 5.00 – I’ve had plenty of strawberry milkshake eliquids, all with varying degrees of success. I’m not an eliquid creator, but I believe that in order for a strawberry flavor and a milk or cream flavor to work the strawberry has to be sweet and ripe, not tart. Tartness and cream/milk just doesn’t go together. Imagine lemon milk, or orange milk.

So what I expected from Strawberry Milk was a sweet strawberry and an ample amount of sweet cream. I didn’t get that. I didn’t even know there was a difference between milk and cream flavorings until I vaped Strawberry Milk.

I enjoyed this blend, and I believe Smoque got their description right, but despite enjoying Strawberry Milk I won’t be adding it to my rotation. It is a real strawberry milk, but for me to add this to my vape schedule it would need to be creamier, and a little sweeter. Flavor Score B

Jason: 5.00 – This is going to sound really weird, but follow me so if you happen to try Strawberry Milk you will know what to expect. Think, Pudding Skin. You know how pudding forms a skin when it is poured into a pudding cup, and how that skin has a less than perfect flavor, a flavor that awaits you underneath is what you want, not the skin? After spending a good long while with Strawberry Milk, and using 4 different tanks, two ceramics and two Kanthal, the following is the best way for me to describe my experience with it.

The first drag with Strawberry Milk will hit with a strong, sort of tart, strawberry flavor. It isn’t until the 3rd hit that the strawberry “milk” flavor comes out. For the duration of the vape ‘session’ the strawberry milk goodness will be there. Stop for a few hours and begin again and the same thing happens…its like this tart strawberry rises to the top and forms a skin, and you have to vape through that skin to get to the good stuff, or rather, the sweet stuff. I know, weird, but that’s the best I can do. I will say that the flavor underneath is worth the two scrap-away hits.

Tanks used to vape Strawberry Milk were, the Coil Art 2mL tank with ceramic coil (0.5-ohm), an Atom Vapes equipped Triton 2 (ceramic coil), a Subtank Mini with the Atom Vape Clapton OCC, and finally, the new Uwell Rafale tank with Ni200 0.10-ohm coil head. Flavor Score A

Kiera: 5.00 – When Jason described this experience with Strawberry Milk I knew exactly what he meant, although I might not have put that way. I kind of tasted the same thing; a fresh tart strawberry first, then the whole strawberry milk thing afterwards.

I would recommend Strawberry Milk to any strawberry vape lover simply because the strawberry flavor is so fresh and authentic. But, if you expect something like a strawberry milkshake you’ll be disappointed. In order for any of us to award the full 5 points the flavor description has to be accurate, and it is. There is a fresh strawberry flavor mixed with what can only be described as “milk”, and together it does taste like Nestles Quick Strawberry and milk. Probably not everybody’s first choice for a strawberry blend, but I liked it a lot.

Vaped with an Atom Vapes ceramic coil in an Aspire Triton 2, and with traditional coils in a Joyetech Delta 2. The flavor was sweeter and fuller with the Delta 2, and the vapor production was evenly matched when the wattage was pushed with the ceramic coil. Flavor Score B


 Smoque Vapours “Drippers Line” is not just another High VG line of eliquids. There is something about their flavorings that set them apart from other top brands. I’m not trying to say that Smoque Vapours is better, or worse, than the other High VG brands we love, but for the most part, what we’ve seen with 6 of their Dripper Line flavors so far is that skill, quality ingredients, and a desire to create eliquids they can be proud of shines through every bottle. This is evident in all the blend, whether we found it to be award-winning or not.

I found it interesting that for the most part, the ceramic coils produced nearly identical flavors and vapor as the traditional Kanthal coils, so I’m comfortable in saying that no matter what tank or atomizer you’re using you’ll find Smoque Vapours eliquid will perform exceedingly well.

There are a few more flavors in the Smoque Vapours Drippers line, and we intend to bring you that review next time.

Want to buy any of the above eliquids? Check Here to do so.

Julia, Kiera, Tom, and Jason, The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team