Smoque Vapours Drip Line – Two Intense Flavors

Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team

Today the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team brings you a two-juice review featuring a couple of awesome flavors from the Smoque Vapours Drip Line. A refreshing tropical fruity blend featuring ripe mango and the tart acai berry, and one of the finest pomegranate and strawberry blends we’ve had.

About Smoque Vapours eLiquids

Smoque Vapour’s says that their eliquids are hand-crafted using only the ‘purest combination of natural ingredients’. After spending a couple of days with these two excellent eliquids we have no doubt Smoque uses some of the best top-shelf ingredients. No artificial flavor, no off-tasting flavors, and an abundance of vapor that, especially in the new Joyetech Cubis, just might freak you out.

Featuring a slow extraction and distillation process for their flavorings, and using only the freshest food and finest tobaccos flavors, this brand screams dedication and quality. Yet despite this time-consuming process does not put the eliquids in the stratosphere of pricing. Starting at $9.99 for 15mL, and maxing out at $47 for a huge 120mL bottle, these super premium eliquids are affordable, and quite frankly, worth every penny.

High VG Drip Line

We aren’t exactly sure of the percentage of VG in the drip line, but after vaping them, and handling the ejuice we believe the PG/VG ratio to be about 20/80. Using premium USP food grade kosher certified ingredients in a High VG blend assures a pure flavor and unbelievable clouds.

Flavor Profile

While we are reviewing two flavors from the line, both flavors carry some similar traits, though taste very different. The flavor in both are strong, almost intense but not overwhelming. Each of the fruits in the eJuice are authentic tasting, but without an ‘edge’ that can sometimes create a profile that cannot be vaped all day, or even a couple of hours. Acango is certainly close to an all-day-vape for most of the team, and the pomegranate/strawberry blend is a bit too intense for some members. That said, flavor and vapor are superb and you’ll instantly recognize the top quality of the natural ingredients.

There are other flavors in the drip line, including one that sounds unbelievable (Chai’Nilla), and we hope to be able to bring you reviews on these remaining flavors.

Julia’s Team Scoring Methods for 2016.

The lowest score an eliquid can receive is 1.00. A score of 1.00 represents an eliquid that cannot be vaped by the member of the team that awarded the score. A 1.00 does not solely consider flavor, it includes any unpleasant aftertastes or other indicators that point to an awful eliquid. 

 A 2.00 score would represent a score for an eliquid that is not made with quality ingredients, and does not deliver a flavor profile that matches the brand’s official flavor profile, and proves to be an unpleasant vape experience, though not totally unvapeable.

 A 3.00 score represents an Average eliquid. That is, average for 2015-2016 Standards. It means the use of adequate quality ingredients, fairly similar flavor profile of the brand’s official profile, though sometimes written as hyperbole. A 3.00 score is not the median score, it’s just a non-special, okay eliquid found in many good budget brands.

 A 4.00 score represents a better-than-average eliquid for the 2015/2016 ejuice standards. The quality of the ingredients is apparent, and high-end. The official flavor description is an accurate description from the reviewer’s point of view. Many modern eliquid brands fall into this level. A score of 4.00+ is equivalent to the score of a 5.00 score in 2013 terms.

 A 5.00 score is just shy of a perfect eliquid. A 5.00 score eliquid is made of apparent premium ingredients and has a flavor profile that outshines the official flavor profile given to it from the brand. The eliquid delivers not only a great vape, but delivers vape satisfaction beyond the norm. When all members of the review team find an eliquid to be a 5.00 eliquid it is awarded the Spinfuel Choice Award.

 There is NO perfect e-Liquid

A perfect e-liquid is one in which every vaper in the vape community would want to vape. A ‘Universal’ e-liquid, of which by its very nature is impossible. This is the reason why we say a 5.00 score represents an eliquid that is ‘just shy’ of perfect.

Let’s Review!

Acango – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“A refreshing blend of tropical fruits makes this an enticing anytime vape. Rich Acai berry swirled with juicy mango come together to deliver an unforgettable vaping getaway.”

Tom: 5.00 – While I instantly recognized the flavor of a sweet ripe mango in this blend, it is the Acai berry that really brings this one home. Mingling in the heavy duty clouds of vapor both flavors pass back and forth along the tongue bringing a light, yet flavorful fruity blend that will cut through any previous heavy flavors you need a break from.

As someone that vapes less and less tobacco and coffee flavors, Acango has found a home in my collection and is definitely in the rotation, if not as an ADV, then certainly as palate cleanser. Acango is a delightful, bright and fruity eliquid that will satisfy anyone’s desire.

If you’ve been looking for a fruity blend that produces vapor you could compete with, Acango is a strong recommendation.

Jason: 5.00 – Acango is such a delicious fruity blend that blasts Acai berries and mango into your lungs like a hurricane. I’ll admit that the flavors are evenly distributed throughout the vape, on the inhale and exhale, and if you like a true authentic fruity blend you’ll love this one. However, Kudos goes out to Smoque Vapours for building a drip line that pushes so much vapor that I strongly advise NOT vaping either one while driving, it will blind you from the windshield with every drag from your mod.

Delicious, yes, but its also a fantastic eliquid to show off the clouds you can make with your latest RDA or coil build.

Kiera: 5.00 – I taste plenty of mango, but the Acai berries is the dominate flavor in Acango. Just the right amount of sweetness along with a nice tap of tartness, if you want to experience true, authentic fruit flavors on a bed of vapor so thick you could sleep on it, this is an eliquid I would highly recommend.

An important aspect of Acango that I don’t want anyone to miss is this; while the flavors are robust and the vapor stupid-thick, this blend is so nice, so smooth, that it is easily one of the fruitiest all day vapes I’ve had. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to all-day-vape such an intense flavor before, and I believe it is only because of the craftsmanship of the blend that I can.

Julia: 5.00 – While I certainly enjoyed the authentic flavors and the incredible amount of vapor, what really made me want to give Acango the full 5.00 score is that this is a flavor, and a VG blend, that can be pushed well beyond the normal wattage without falling apart. Looking for the sweet spot with a .5-ohm coil head I was vaping in 40+ watt territory without feeling too much heat, or scorched flavors. Bringing the wattage back in the 30+ watts I found Acango to be a definite all-day-vape whose flavor did not get old, or wear out. A beautiful blend.

Pom Straw E-Liquid

Smoque Vapours Smoque's E-Liquids are all hand crafted using only the purest combination of natural ingredients. “Tart pomegranate mellows out the ripe sweetness of fresh berry. This newest addition to our drip line is sure to be a cloud pleaser.”

Tom: 4.75 – It is difficult for any member of this team to truly enjoy pomegranate in an eliquid, or anything else really. But this blend came really close. The problem with pomegranate is the intense tartness of the fruit, and without question that tartness feels in full bloom here. Yes, the strawberry, a natural flavor, does try to calm the pomegranate down some, but unfortunately not enough for me.

A top-quality blend of authentic pomegranate juice and ripe strawberries with an incredible amount of vapor production.

Jason: 4.00 – What caused me to knock down the score to a flat 4.00 is the wording of the flavor description against what I found to be true. The official description tells that the pomegranate is mellower of this blend, mellowing out the strawberry, but for me this was all about an intense pomegranate flavor being tamed by sweet strawberry, and it couldn’t quite do it.

There has to be a segment of vapers out there that love the flavor of pomegranate, and for them, this is one of the best I’ve had. Still, pomegranate has more tartness than I can take. High quality for sure, just too strong for this guy.

Kiera: 5.00 – I began drinking pomegranate juice several months ago as an anti-oxidant drink. At first the Pom Pom was so strong that I had to sip an 8-ounce glass over an hour before I was done with it. Today, it’s like drinking orange juice, I’ve become accustomed to the strong flavor.

I can tell you that this blend is 100% authentic with both flavor components, but because pomegranate is so strong it whips the strawberry’s butt. Tart but sweet enough for pomegranate lover to make this blend an all-day-vape. Recommended as an ADV for pomegranate lovers, but not for vapers that have trouble with super tart flavors. If you’ve been wanting to add a pomegranate flavor to your line up, start slow, vape for maybe 20 minutes and then move to something sweet. After a while you’ll enjoy the amazing flavor…promise!

Julia: 4.50 – Smoque Vapours produces extremely high quality eliquids, and although I did not care much for this pomegranate and strawberry blend it proves the quality of their blends. I’ve tried many times to enjoy a pomegranate eliquid because there are so many vapers that like that extreme tart flavor, and so many times I’ve failed. But, with this blend, as a natural ingredient, high VG formula, this authentic pomegranate flavor was delivered on a feather bed. No harsh edges to this flavor, nothing to cause your head to jerk back, it is a very smooth, but very intense, and very tart eliquid.


There is no doubt in the team’s collective consciousness that these two flavors from the Smoque Vapours Drip Line are anything but very high quality, expertly crafted eliquids that satisfy on every level.

The Acango was a winner with everyone, and we recommend it to anyone looking for a fresh, bright fruity blend. If you’re a fan of pomegranate blends we’re betting this one will become an instant favorite.

Smoque Vapours Drip Line consists of nine (9) flavors, all starting at $9.99 (15mL) to $47 for 120mL, very competitive pricing for such a high quality brand.

We intend to bring you the rest of the flavors, in 4-flavor sequels, as soon as we can, but for now, these two incredible blends speak to the dedication of Smoque Vapours, and their commitment to create spectacular blends.

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Till next time!

Tom McBride and the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team