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Smokjoy Air 50S Micro Box Mod Starter Kit

The new Smokjoy Air 50S micro-sized box mod starter kit is so small that for many vapers with medium to large hands will probably find it too small to use comfortably. At least that’s the way it seems when we passed a couple of them around the office. Kiera, at 4’ 10” tall and 81 pounds soaking wet, found it to be ideal for a stealthy vape, whereas Tom, 6’ 1” and 220 pounds had great difficulty holding it and being able to press the fire button. Everyone else landed somewhere in between. Still, tiny mods do have an audience, or a customer base, since they certain mods sell well enough that we continue to see new models and brands more often than we think.

Smokjoy Air 50S Micro Box Mod Starter Kit Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The most successful of mini or micro mods is Council of Vapor and their Mega-Volt mods. Their latest, the 80W Mega-Volt is somewhat taller than the Smokjoy Air 50S, but with CoV quality and the extra 30W, it’s a more expensive alternative. The Council of Vapor Mini Volt, and its tiny footprint and 40W of power is a closer match in size, and in the same ballpark with the price ($29.95 at Element Vape with the Vengeance 2mL tank)

Depending where you buy it the Smokjoy Air 50S Kit (mod and tank) will set you back about $30-$35, which makes it affordable for most folks.

The Smokjoy Air 50S measures just 1.3 inches by .8 inches by 2.2 inches high (without the accompanying tank), and includes a built-in 1400mAh battery. (not LiPo) This 50W micro mod spans 7W to 50W, includes temperature control tech with a range of 212 to 600 degrees, and supports resistances of 0.15ohm – 1.0ohm in TC Ni/Ti/SS mode; 0.2ohm – 3ohm in VW mode. The mod’s support for Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel heating elements in TC mode was typical of TC mods, and Kanthal and Ceramic in VW mode was typical for its size. (more on that below)

The Smokjoy Air 50S includes a 1-amp USB cable for fast charging. Battery life is about 90-120 minutes of vape time, recharging the battery takes under an hour.

Smokjoy Air Tank

Included in the Starter Kit version is the Smokjoy Air Tank. This 2mL tank comes with 2x 0.6Ω coil heads with a wattage range of 15-40W. Reviewing this starter kit with high VG eliquid I found the range of acceptable flavor and vapor to be between 32-36 watts. I admit I was impressed with both, good flavor and a surprising amount of vapor for such a small tank and coil head.

Smokjoy Air 50S Micro Box Mod Starter Kit Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Smokjoy Air tank is a top-fill tank with bottom airflow control. Even with a narrowed drip tip (Delrin) I could do some adequate lung hits with it. The key word here is ‘adequate’, and deserves a more detailed explanation.

Real World Usage Report

If you’ve followed Spinfuel VAPE product reviews written by me then you might remember the numerous times I’ve written about my wife complaining of the huge clouds of vapor from my larger mods and sub-ohm tanks. Our bedroom is off-limits to any vape gear I “enjoy” using because of the amount of vapor that fills the room. Even with an overhead fan and an air purifier, my wife complains that the room is shrouded in vapor to the point of being annoying. Interestingly enough, my wife is also a vaper.

While I love great tanks that can produce extraordinary flavor and vapor, my wife prefers good flavor and acceptable vapor. She if a MTL vaper, and the pull from her drip tip are rarely more than one second. Why is this important? See below.

Lisa, my wife, has a collection of small box mods and 2mL tanks. If the performance of cig-a-likes could be improved about 25% or so, Blu Cigs would be her only vaping instruments. Anyway, once my time with the Smokjoy Air 50S was over I asked Lisa to try it out to see what she thought of it. After barely 2 minutes of use Lisa wanted to keep it, add it her collection, and use it as her new primary mod/tank.

Smokjoy Air 50S Micro Box Mod Starter Kit Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Lisa has small hands and is not attracted to large mods or tanks at all. A couple of weeks ago I asked her to try out the WISMEC Reuleaux RX300 and REUX tank, just to get an impression from someone that uses small devices. Lisa’s impression of this set up was expectedly negative. The RX300 was “ridiculously heavy”, “much too big”, and “dangerous”. The REUX tank was “stupid”, “no one needs this much vapor”, and “Don’t even think about using this indoors”.

Lisa’s impressions of the Smokjoy Air 50S and the accompanying tank were very different. About the Air 50S; “Perfect size”, “light as a feather”, “now this is something I can take around with me”, and “I’m keeping this”. Asked about the size, flavor, and vapor of the Air tank, Lisa had this to say; “I love how the drip tip is wider at the bottom and gets narrower at the top, it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t get hot”, and “my White Russian (from Johnson Creek) tastes just like it does in my Vengeance tank (Council of Vapor Mini Volt (40W) and Vengeance Mini with the .8Ω Kanthal A1 coil), and there is plenty of vapor for me”.

Lisa pays attention to the price of mods, tanks, and eliquid because she is always out there in the world trying to get smokers off cigarettes and onto vaping as a harm reduction advocate. Lisa can tell me in a heartbeat if a mod or tank is too expensive for smokers to consider, or affordable enough for a smoker to be willing to try it. I asked Lisa what she thought the Smokjoy Air 50S Starter Kit would cost and she instantly said with great confidence, “about fifty dollars”. When Spinfuel VAPE reviewed the CoV Mini Volt and Vengeance tank Starter Kit is sold for $44.95, $15 more than it does now.

Smokjoy Air 50S Micro Box Mod Starter Kit Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

I informed her the Air 50S kit was more like $30, she said it would be a great starter kit for new vapers or smokers looking to give vaping a try without taking away too much of their “cigarette fund”. I discovered that evening that many smokers have a sort of piggy bank thing for cigarettes because the cost of smoking is so high many of them can’t afford to just pick up a pack of smokes… “whenever”. A carton of cigarettes in Florida is $70, I’m thinking that it must be close to the same price here in New Hampshire.

I picked up several packs of coil heads with the Smokjoy Air 50S and spent 8 days vaping it. However, my usage was not exclusive. I also vaped with my Lost Vape Triade DNA250 and the iJoy MAXO 4x 18650 cell 300W monster, and the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast, Big Beast and Big Baby tanks. Unfortunately, the Smokjoy Air 50S just wasn’t enough “mod” for me to use as a primary mod/tank. And that just might be indicative of most power vapers.

The Bottom Line

Smokjoy Air 50S Micro Box Mod Starter Kit Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

I’m not that confident that the Smokjoy Air 50S will find the audience it needs to be a popular mod. If I was going to suggest a tiny mod and tank to someone, especially a new vaper, I would suggest Mini Volt v2 and Vengeance Tank kit that now sells for $33. Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the fact that the Smokjoy Air 50S features a solid Temperature Control Suite, something the Mini Volt v2 does not offer. Still, if suggesting a mod to a “new” vaper, I personally would steer them away from a TC mod, let’s get the basics down first.

On the other hand, Lisa thinks very highly of the Smokjoy Air 50S, and uses it constantly now. Will that continue, or will she goes back to Council of Vapor, or the Pico, or simply awaits the next new tiny-mod? I just don’t know.

John Manzione, with Lisa Manzione

Smokjoy Air 50S Features:

 Air Tank Features:
Glass tank
2ml juice capacity
Adjustable airflow control
510 threading connection
Smokjoy Air 50S Mod Features:
Variable wattage: 7W-50W
Temperature control: 100’c-315’c / 212’F-600’F
TC mode: Ni / Ti / SS
Power mode compatibility: 0.2-3ohm
TC mode compatibility: 0.15-1ohm
Chip add resistance lock function and ordinary memory function
Shell material: Aluminum alloy
Cover material: Zinc alloy
Spring-loaded center pin
510 threading connection
Micro-USB port

In The Box: 

  • 1 x Smokjoy Air 50W TC Mod
  • 1 x Smokjoy Air Tank (.6Ω coil head preinstalled)
  • 1x .6Ω coil head
  • 1x Excellent User Manual
  • 1x 1-Amp USB cable