White Cloud Starter Kits

A complete review of the White Cloud Cirrus Electronic Cigarette Variety Starter Kit- I review all batteries and provide, in-depth, a look at the cartridges,wh equipment and their powerful Cirrus 3X battery-  Check out the Video Vapor Test using their shotgun tips (vape 3 ecigs at once) – finally, I provide and my overall rating and ranking. A complete written review can be found on my website www.smokenjoey.com

Here are dozens of reasons to buy White Cloud electronic cigarettes. Here, we’ve listed the top five reasons as voted by our satisfied customers:

5. Superior Battery and Charger Technology

The batteries in White Cloud e cigs last up to fives times as long as other electronic cigarettes on the market today. This means less time spent worrying about when and if your battery is going to die and longer periods of e cig enjoyment between charging sessions. In addition, our USB chargers utilize the latest cutting-edge technology to recharge your e cig battery faster and more efficiently than any other brand.

4. Nicotine Strength

White Cloud’s full spectrum of strength levels allows you to decide exactly how much nicotine you get in each puff. We are the only electronic cigarette manufacturer that offers double extra (XX) strength cartridges, or 5.4%. Even our full strength cartridge (2.4%) contains nearly twice as much nicotine than those supplied by our closest competitors.

3. Convenience

White Cloud electronic cigarettes are convenient to buy, carry, store and use. Never worry about where you last put your lighter or matchbook. Get rid of messy, overflowing ashtrays and empty packs littering your car. You can use your e cig nearly anytime and anywhere, even in many places where smoking is prohibited. Simply bring your Fling, Cirrus, or Phantom to your lips, inhale and enjoy.

2. No Tobacco or Smoke

Electronic cigarettes deliver all of the full-flavored nicotine you crave without all of the thousands of chemical additives found in regular cigarettes. Because you exhale water vapor, your breath, body, clothes and surroundings don’t ever take on the offensive odor of tobacco smoke. You get the feeling of smoking real cigarettes while bypassing all of their negative side effects.

1. Save Money

According to a number of reputable sources including the American Lung Association, the average price of a pack of cigarettes in the United States falls between $5.50 and $6. It’s therefore safe to say that a pack-a-day smoker stands to spend more than $2,100 every year on cigarettes alone. Considering the fact that White Cloud e cig cartridges can be replaced for less than $2.00 and last for about as long as 40 regular cigarettes, you’re looking at a potential annual savings of approximately $1,825 for that same pack-a-day smoker. To put that into perspective, that’s about $152 every month. What would you do with that much more money in your pocket?